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When looking for your outdoor spot light fixtures, a Kichler Radiax 6.5 watt LED will be a nice fit for most landscapes for up lighting (pointing your light up).  We will look at the fixture and what it takes to hook up and enjoy.

radiax 2What you get in the box

The box is kinda small and you think this light will not put out much illumination.  The fixture is 3″ around and 4.75″ long and has a sealed cast aluminum housing to protect it from the weather.  This fixture is really bright with 590 Lumens of bright white light. The fixture is already assembled and ready for the 8″ ground stake mount to be installed. When you go to connect to your power run, you have a 24″ lead wire and pro series wire connector included.

This 13 watt fixture should last about 40000 hours.  The 5 LED light should last the life of the fixture and never need replacement.  The spotlight will have a 60 degree beam spread, look at options below.  The light will shine mostly on what it is pointed at.

For more information on Kichler's Radiax LED lights, use this link

What do you need to install and how does it work

The installation of this light fixture will be quite easy.  Just have to be within the 24″ lead wire range and use the included connectors to hook up.  This fixture does not come with a transformer, see my article on choosing the correct transformer for your low voltage lights.  Make sure this fixture gets at least 12 volts of power to get the most out of it.

For adjusting the illumination, the fixture can be adjusted 115 degrees up.  With the ability to rotate the base of the mounting stake, you can highlight any object that is within light distance.

outdoor spot light fixtureOptions for this fixture

Finish options are brass,bronze,white and textured black or white

Beam spread can be a tight 10 degree, medium 30 degree or a wider 60 degree

Color temperature can be had in 2700 or 3000.  The 3000 is a brighter white


LED bulbs use less energy than traditional bulbs.

Fixture can be pointed in any direction,even straight up, to highlight your landscape

You can get this fixture with a variety of options


Have to get a power supply, not included in kit

24″ lead cable may not be long enough to reach your existing cable run

For more information on Kichler's Radiax LED lights, use this link


This series of outdoor spot light fixtures by Kichler can meet the demands of many outdoor areas decors  with the many options of finish and lighting.  If you have an item or area that could use a up light for illumination it would benefit from this fixture.

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