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Solar Light

Solar light after dark one not working

Need to replace your rechargeable batteries for solar lights? We will look at the 14430 rechargeable batteries in this article. We will look at the differences of the batteries in several different lights.

How to tell if your batteries are failing

Are your lights staying on a shorter time during the night.  Does one of them not come on as bright as the others.

Using a battery tester after a full charge will let you know if you have the proper voltage, it will not let you know if it has charged fully and will last the night.

How to change the battery

Changing solar battery The top of most fixtures twist off to let you have access to the battery compartment.  The battery compartment will just lift out with a table knife or finger nail.  Take care to note what direction the battery goes.  The flat side of the battery goes to the spring side of the fixture when inserting.

This is a good time to clean the reflector on the light.  I may have gathered several bugs or other debris over time. Just twist the top back on the light and wait for the next time it will be needed.

The new battery will have to charge for a couple of days to get the full charge on it.  If it does not stay on for a long time the first night do not think the battery is bad.

How to determine the battery that you need

AA rechargeable solar batteries

As there are several types of AA rechargeable batteries that are used in solar lights.We will look at the AA batteries and let you know how to tell what type to get.

14330 series battery will be 3.2 volts. This battery is 4/5 the size of a regular AA battery. These are the most common and cost around $10 for a pair.

The AA 1.2 volt battery will be the same size as a regular AA battery.  1.5 volt AA battery in the middle of the picture.

The mAh number on the battery is how much of a stored charge the battery will have.  The more mAh's the more power the battery will have.  This factor will not always increase the light put out or the amount of time your fixture is on.  It is a good practice to stay close to the mAh number on the original battery.

Solar post top lights

Lights after battery change



There is no need to replace a Solar Light if it does not function as well as it did when new. It is very important to get the proper battery and replace it with a battery that will match in voltage, size and mAh.  See the selection at today.
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