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Black Wrought Iron Patio Furniture


When you are looking to decorate your outside area, think about Mainstays Jefferson black wrought iron patio furniture collections for you solution.  For long term simple furniture, these items will last a long time in the outdoor environment with little care.  A diverse selection will allow you to pick and choose the pieces that best fit your space.

From dining, 3 different selections available, to sitting with 4 different selections available.  I will give you the details of each set and let you see what will fit for you.

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Now lets look at the details.

Mainstays Jefferson 7 piece dining set7 piece dining set

Price at the time of this article: $349

This set includes a rectangular dining table with six chairs.  The table has a hole for an umbrella (not included) and does require some assembly. The six chairs has a mesh seat and back, with a leaf design in the top of the back and arms.

The table is 66 inches long, 38 inches wide and 28 inches tall.  The four legs are supported with a rectangular support that also has another support for the umbrella.

The major portion of the chairs will be put together and are 27 inches deep, 27 inches wide and 38.5 inches high.  The only assembly for the chairs is to attach the leg supports with the three screws for each side.  Some adjustments may be needed to get the holes to line up for assembly.  They will support 250 pounds each and customers state they can be stacked for storage..

This set will come in two boxes, the chairs are in a box that is 37 inches long, 27.5 inches wide, 44 inches high and will weight over 104 pounds.  The table comes in a box that is 67 inches long, 3 inches thick, 39 inches wide and weighs over 50 pounds.  Select the proper vehicle if you have to pick this item up at the store.

Mainstays Jefferson 5 piece dining set5 piece dining set

Price at the time of this article: $349

Very similar to the 7 piece dining set, this set has four of the same chairs and a smaller square table.  The table has a hole for an umbrella and the leg support also has a hole for umbrella.

The table is 42 inches square and 28 inches tall.  The table will require assembly.  The legs will need to attached and the center support will attach to the legs.

The chairs will require the same assembly as above and will support 250 pounds each.

Mainstays Jefferson 3 piece bistro setBistro 3 piece set

Price at the time article was written: $159

Again this is the same chairs as above and a small round table with a mesh top. This set is ideal for a small porch or patio, I have a similar set on my deck down at the lake, my table is bigger and chair backs are different(picture below).

The table is 24 inches across and 28 inches tall. Assembly will require the four legs to be attached to the mesh top and add the round leg support with the included screws. No provisions in this table for an umbrella.

Will come in one box 41 inches tall, 29 inches wide, 29 inches deep and will weigh 51 pounds for pickup or delivery.

Mainstays Jefferson porch rockerPorch rocker

Price at the time article was written: $69.99

Looking for that different porch rocker that will match your wrought iron furniture you already have, this piece will make a statement.  Having metal rockers on each side this chair will give you that motion you are looking for when looking for a relaxing getaway in your own yard.

The rocker is 34 inches deep, 24.5 inches wide and 34 inches tall.  It will support 300 pounds.

Assembly will require each side piece to be attached to the seat and back with screws.  A support bar running across the back of the legs will be the final assembly.  It should take one person about 20 minutes, depending on the abilities of each person.


Mainstays Jefferson chaise loungeChaise lounge

Price at the time article was written: $119.99

This chaise lounge will give you 5 different position to adjust the angle of the back. It does not lay flat very well as there will be a gap between the back and seat portion, if you have a sturdy cushion you could use for a bed.

The lounge is 73 inches long, 26 inches wide and 43 inches high when back is in full upright position.  The seat is 13 inches off of the ground.  The back has the same leaf design as the dining chairs.

Assembly will require the arms to be attached to the seat on each side.  Then the back is attached to the seat with a screw on each side, this will be the swivel point for the back adjustments.  An arm on each side of the back will support the back though all five adjustments.


Mainstays Jefferson 3 person swing with canopyThree seat swing with awning

Price at the time article was written: $132.79

Having a three seat swing in your outdoor area can give you a place to relax with the grand kids for a lazy summer afternoon.  The swing will require a large flat spot to sit and swing with stability.  Adding cushions will make your swing add color and comfort to your outdoor space.  The back will have matching leaf and scroll design to match the dining chairs.

The seat portion will be 59 inches wide, 18 inches deep.  It will support 750 total pounds of butts.  The total size is 77.5 inches wide and 67 inches tall.

The canopy is a polyester fabric that is UV and weather rated.  Will provide shade during those sunny days and will adjust for the moving sun.  If you want you can remove canopy and use the swing without it.

Quite a bit of assembly will be required for this swing.  Having a buddy to help will make your progress go a little faster.  Each side set of legs will come in three parts that have to be assembled before attaching to the top bar.  Sides of the swing seat will attach the back and seat together.  Two bars will connect the swing to the spring that attaches to the top bar.

The canopy has four major parts, the front, back bar and the left and right bar.  Once put together the canopy will attach for sun control.  An adjuster in each side will keep the canopy at the angle you prefer.  Canopy can be removed if you wish.

Mainstays Jefferson 2 person swing with canopyTwo seat swing with awning

Price at time article was written: $104.98

 A smaller version of the three seat swing, if you have a smaller area or just only need seats for two butts, this swing will work for you.

This swing will take a little less space as it is 46 inches deep, 58 inches wide and 65 inches tall.  Otherwise assembly is the same process.

The seat will support 500 total pounds.  I like the fact that the two seat version will let you and your partner sit and relax in comfort without having the little ones in between.

For long term sitting, I would recommend some bench cushions, I have some examples in an article here.

To get this wrought iron furniture, click the following link

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Will last in the outside environment with little care

Looks good in any decor

Can change color pallet with cushions and umbrella color choices



Normally only comes in black, can be painted to match different decors

Light weight can be damaged in high winds

Need cushions for long term sitting

Can start to rust if finish is damaged

Bistro Set on a deckMy take of wrought iron furniture


I have several sets of black wrought iron patio furniture 3 piece bistro set, a 42 inch round dining table with two spring rockers, a glider and several side tables.  I am very satisfied with the durability and usability of this type of outdoor furniture.  Most of my pieces are at least 10 years old and stay outside year round  with little care.

I have had a three piece bistro set for about 15 years.  Currently it is on the deck at Metal Bench Glider on a deckmy camper at the lake.  It has spent most of its 15 years outside and has no rust or bad spots that have needed repairs.

To make the most of my furniture, I have purchased cushions for each sitting piece.  This allows me to use for sitting for longer periods of time before my butt gets the metal grate pattern in it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and if you have any questions or comments please use the forms below to let me know your opinion of this type of outdoor furniture.

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