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Chaise Lounge Chair for Pools


When looking for that right Chaise Lounge Chairs for Pools or in a shady spot to read a book, do not forget the chaise lounge outdoor furniture.  I will look at five different styles to look at in this article, all have some advantages for some homeowners.  I will give you the details so that you can have a better chance to get the right one for your chaise lounge chairs for poolside needs.

Now lets get into what each one has to offer and get to relaxing.


Better Homes and Gardens Warrens Chaise Lounge Chairs for PoolsBetter Homes and Gardens Warrens Aluminum Chaise Lounge


I love the feel and look of the sling material for outdoor furniture.  This is no exception, the frames are made of aluminum with a powder coated finish.  The seat and back have the PVC sling material that has an 800 hour outdoor rating.

The back has 5 adjustments and can also be laid flat for a bed effect.  Each foot has a screw tip for adjusting to each surface.

The chaise is 61 inches long from front feet to back feet, the seat is 14 inches off of the ground.  The back will be 43 inches tall when in the full upright position.  The chair is 27 inches wide outside of the arms and 22 inches inside the arms.  This chaise is very lightweight and will be easy to move.

Only minor assembly will be required, adding arms and cross braces.  Some assembly of this type of furniture may be difficult because of shipping damage or holes that do not align.

Care will be only mild soap and water as any chemicals even glass cleaner will damage the powder coated finish.

Current cost will be around $180, for more information on this chaise lounge, use the link below

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Home Styles Floral Blossom chaise loungeHome Styles Floral Blossom Outdoor Chaise Lounge


If you want an aluminum frame for longevity in the outdoor environment, this lounge is the one you are looking for.  With a powder coated with clear coated finish cast aluminum frame, it has an old world design with the curved arms and designer feet.

The large wheels will make this lounge very mobile, just lift up the front and roll any where.

The back has four adjustments including laying flat.  If you wish you can use this as an outdoor bed.

Lounge is 81 inches long laying flat, 30 inches wide and 12 inches tall at the cushion.  Weigh of this lounger is 62 pounds, good thing it comes with wheels to move it.  It will support 250 pounds of weight.

Some customers had trouble with the assembly, instructions are not very clear.

Current price for this lounge is under $350 for more information use this link.

Cambridge Corolla Chaise loungeCambridge Corolla Chaise Lounge Chair


When looking for the expensive look of wicker, this resin wicker lounger will look well in your outdoor space.  Available in five different cushion colors (blue, green, red, tan and gray).  The steel frame is powder coated for a long lasting finish in the outdoor environment.

The resin wicker is made from a brown polyethylene material, it will be very durable and outlast all regular wicker materials.

The cushion is made from Olefin outer material with foam cushion inside.  The cushion is held in place by the arms of the lounger.  The lumbar pillow is included in your purchase.

The lounge is and extra long 83.25 inches, 23 inches wide and 18 inches tall at the top of the cushion.  If you are a taller person this is the lounge you will prefer.  The back has several adjustments for your comfort.

The price for this lounge is $699, for more details click here.

Mainstays Alexandra Square chaise loungeMainstays Alexandra Square Chaise Lounge


This simple design with a cushion on the bottom portion and just a lumbar pillow for the top, will give you many hours of comfort.  The steel frame is powder coated with a dark gray color.

The cushion is held on by clips on the sides.  The cushion and pillow are 100 percent polyester material, the back of the chair is made from a polyvinyl sling material.  The back has five positions, and it will lay flat, not very comfortable in this item.

The chaise is 73 inches long laying flat, the cushion and the back will not be on the same level if laying flat, also will be a gap from the leg portion to the back portion.  The chaise is 63 inches long from front leg to back leg, 26 inches wide and 41 inches tall with the back in the most upright position.

Some assembly will be required.  Most state that the holes did not align right out of the box.  This type of outdoor furniture has this problem, if you can get by the assembly, you will enjoy your chaise.  Some customers state that the steel material will rust without taking care of the paint.

Current pricing is under $120, for more information on this chaise use this link.  Other items available in this style are included in my article here.

Noble House teak lounge with cushionNoble House Teak Finish Acacia Wood Chaise Lounge With Cushion


If you like the look of a wood chaise lounge and would prefer to have a cushion to lay on, this item will work well for you.  The Acadia wood is very durable in the outdoor elements, it will withstand bugs, weather and the sun better that other materials.

The lounge is 78.25 inches long, 24 inches wide and 32.75 inches tall in the most upright position.  It will weigh 43 pounds and has a cushion for your comfort.  It will support 250 pounds of weight.

Slat wood will support the cushion, eight legs will offer support for the lounge.  Some assembly will be required.

Currently priced at under $170 see more information here, you can also purchase without cushion for just a teak lounge.


For the most current information on these chaise loungers, click the link below

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My thoughts on these five loungers


These are five different looks in Chaise Lounge Chairs for Pools.  You can have your choice on what will work best for your outdoor decor.  The cheapest would be the steel framed with sling material, this will have the shortest lifespan in the outdoor environment.  I prefer the aluminum framed with the sling material, as it has durability with an inexpensive price.

The higher priced chaise would be for people that have a certain decor that they are looking for, the wicker look or the teak look is a very modern look and will last for a lifetime if taken care of properly.  The other higher priced chaise is more mobile than any of the others and can be used to chaise the sun or shade during your time outside.

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