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When looking for outdoor furniture with storage, you will have several options.  We will look at the different types of storage to be found for your outdoor space.

Outdoor storage benchDeck box with under cushion storage

A resin or wooden bench can have storage under the seat.  These are decorated with a cushion of your choice to match your decor.  The seat lifts up to let you store your goods. These are fairly watertight,but the resin will keep out the weather better.  The two main styles are one with a back and arms or just a flat box. Some method will be necessary to keep the insects at bay.  They can have a capacity of 35 to over 100 gallons of storage for your goods,depending on the size you have.

Ottoman or table with storage

Some tables will have drawers in them for storage. These will not be weather proof or keep the bugs at bay. Even the little creatures in your yard will have an easy time getting in to the storage space.  If left alone too long you could start a family of little critters in this space. This type of storage will not be for long term storage without some surprises.

Outdoor storage solutionsSide tables with storage

Resin wicker rolling side tables can meet your storage needs with style.  It will come in several colors to match any decor.  It has a front door and one shelf inside to let you store towels or plates on separate levels.  Use the top for a solar lamp or table top heater to enhance your sitting area.  Heavy duty castors let you move the table to different locations with ease.

Resin Storage box's

Resin vertical storage

Vertical storage box

Resin Storage box's for outdoor storage will work the best for long term storage of  all of your outdoor accessories that you do not want to leave out in the weather.  These will be the best solution for keeping outdoor pest out.  The larger rodents and other animals can be kept out with a lock on the doors.  Insects and spiders will have a fun time making the dark inside home though.  Setting a glue trap will be the best method of keeping spiders in check.

Conclusion or my recommendations

If your storage needs are short term, I would recommend the side table with wheels.  It can fit many decors.  It will not be weather proof or insect proof for long term storage.

If you want to get things out of the way for a while or have some items that need to be stored when not needed, a storage bench will be what you are looking for. This is a duel purpose item and will give you several ways to use it.

If you have long term storage needs in your outdoor space a storage box will be the ticket.  These can be weather proof and keep out most pest.

Any comments or questions, use the form below.  Any products that you would like to see on this site, leave me a note and I will cover them.