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Best Electric Power Washer for Home Use


I have to power wash the composite deck, so I went to look for the Best Electric Power Washer for Home Use.  I came across this little 1600 PSI Pressure washer from for under $110 at the time I purchased it.  This size is just right for most homeowners, it will not work for the professionals as it will wear out in no time if used daily.

I will go through the unpacking, assembly and use of this machine.  I will show you just how easy it is to use. If you want to see the deck that was cleaned see this post.

AR Electric Pressure WasherAR Blue Clean AR112 1,600 PSI 1.58 GPM Electric Pressure Washer


Product:Ar Blue Clean 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Price when article written:$109.99

Best Price online:


What you get in the box


You will get the main body that is 18 inches tall, 7 inches wide and 10 inches deep with a 35 foot power cord that will have a circuit breaker in the plug.  If you have a cover on your outlet, you may not be able to plug in as the plug is quite large. I had a hinged cover on my outlet and it worked nicely without any modifications.  The unit weighs about 18 pounds.

AR 1600 PSI Pressure Washer Quick ConnectThe Spray hose is 20 feet long, with a wand attachment.  The spray tip is adjustable from a wide low pressure spray to a pinpoint high pressure spray.  A spray tip tool is included to clean out any debris left from use.

Some testing should be done with each surface to control the damage a high pressure spray can do to some materials. The wand has a safety switch that will prevent accidental spraying, the pump only works when the trigger is pulled.

The garden hose is attached to a connector with a filter to keep debris out of the pump motor.  It has a quick connect feature that will allow for faster storage when finished with your project.

Power Washer wand with soap dispenserA soap dispenser will attach to the wand for using some light chemical cleaners. Make sure water is run through the wand when finished as sometimes the soap or chemical will harden in the wand making it useless the next time you get your pressure washer out.




After unpacking all of the parts, I started with the spray hose,  The two hose connections have different threads, one front and one in back, the one on the front will be for the spray hose.  The wand has a twist quick connect and you can attach either nozzel, adjustable spray or soap dispenser.

The water supply hose was next.  The quick connect attaches to the washer and hose with the traditional hose threads.  I then attached the accessory rack to the side of the body.

Power Washing Composite DeckConnecting and using your power washer


After the assembly of your power washer, just connect the water hose, turn the water on, connect the plug to a grounded outlet and pull the trigger.  There is one simple on and off switch on the machine.  If it does not operate, check the plug as it has a trip for safety that has to be turned on each time the machine is plugged in.  The pump will automatically stop when the trigger is let go, this will save running time and wear on the motor.

Make sure that you check the area you are cleaning to make sure that you are not damaging the surface with the water pressure. Make sure that when the water is spraying that you are moving the jet of water to avoid damage.  I do not recommend using on vinyl or wooden siding as the water will get behind the material and you could develop a mold problem.  If you are doing siding look at my recommendation here.

After use disconnect the hose, and power supply cord form the outlet.  I also disconnected the wand and its hose for better storage.  I have several hooks on my garage wall and wound up the wand and its hose for storage there.  The power cord can be stored on the machine.  The quick connect can be stored on the bracket on the side of the body.



Easy to assemble and light weight

Nothing else to buy

Comes with detergent container



No accessories, spray nozzles, available

No wheels on this model for moving, it only weighs 18 pounds

No storage on machine for spray hose


Where to get at the best online price

Before and after Power WashConclusion


I think the AR Blue clean 1600 PSI is one of the Best Electric Power Washer for Home Use.  I had no trouble with running it for the three hours that it took to clean my deck.  Assembly was easy and when I was finished, I just unhooked the hose and let the pressure washer drain out any water inside.

Thanks for reading my post and if you have a pressure washer that you like better leave me a comment below.  Any questions or comments will be answered quickly.

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