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Outdoor Metal Patio Furniture Set



I have covered the Wesley creek individual pieces in a post here, today we will see if a Wesley Creek Outdoor Metal Patio Furniture Set will work better for you.  If you put the two articles together, you can get matching furniture for your outdoor area that will have the same style and look.

This collection will have dark brown powder coated steel frames with tile top tables.  The seating will be covered with a all weather sling fabric, I like this fabric as it last very well in outdoor conditions and dries quickly after a rain.  All of the dinning sets will have swivel chairs for easy access and comfort while eating.  The conversation chairs will have straight legs.

Now lets look at the sets available today, availability and pricing is subject to change.


Mainstays Wesley Creek conversation Outdoor Metal Patio Furniture SetConversation set


The conversation set will have two chairs, one love seat.  They will have straight legs and arms.  The polypropylene sling fabric covering the seat and back is very durable in outdoor conditions.

The table will have six tiles for a table top that will fit into the top frame.  If you wish to change the color pallet, you can just put in a different color tile.  No hole for umbrella in this table.  It will have a lower support ring to support the legs.

The chairs are 25.5 inches wide, 31 inches deep and 36 inches tall.  The love seat is 64.25 inches wide.  Each seating position will support 250 pounds of weight.

The table is 41 inches long, 29.25 inches wide and 18.25 inches tall.

No cushions to store, no glass table top to keep clean.  This is a very good looking and simple set for under $160.

For more information on this collection use the link below

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Mainstays Wesley Creek Bistro setBistro set with swivel chairs


This simple bistro set will work well on any small patio or balcony.  The two swivel chairs will give comfort and some movement while enjoying a drink or diner.

The bistro height table will have four tiles inserts in the table top.  No hole for an umbrella.

The table will be 27 inches square and 28 inches tall.  A center support bracket will attach to the legs.

The chairs will be 31 inches deep, 34 inches wide and 40 inches high.   Each chair will support 250 pounds.  The chairs will swivel, but will not rock.

For under $125 this will be a great starter bistro set, or something you can sit by the pool.  The total weight for this set is under 75 pounds making it easy to move around in your outdoor areas.  For more information on this set, use this link.


Mainstays Wesley Creek Bar setBar set


If you like to entertain or are looking for that piece that sets your outdoor space apart, this bar set will work for you.

The bar has a smooth top that is painted.  It is shaped so that you can have a bartender or just place one of the chairs behind the u shaped bar top.

Ten legs will support your bar with a sling fabric skirt to hide what is on the two shelves.  You can store glasses or things that do not need to be chilled behind the skirt.

The four chairs are taller bar height with swivel bases.  They are 28 inches deep, 23.5 inches wide and 47.5 inches tall.  Each will hold 250 pounds of weight.

The bar will be 59.75 inches long, 36.5 inches deep and 36.25 inches tall.  The two shelves will match the shape of the top for storage.

Looking for that patio furniture set that will separate you from others, this will be a great set by the pool or on your patio.  For under $280 you can be the talk of the party.

For more information on this set use this helpful link.


Mainstays Wesley Creek 7 piece dining set7 piece dining set


If you have a larger family that could use seating for six, this dining set will be for you.  The set will include two swivel chairs and four straight leg chairs.

The table will have 14 tiles in the top, the center spot will have a non removable solid insert with a hole for an umbrella.  The center leg support will also have a hole for umbrella support.

The chairs are the same as used in the above sets, they will match very well if you have more than one set in your outdoor space from this collection.

The table is big at 6.75 inches long, 41.75 inches wide and 28 inches tall.

For larger dining or combining with other pieces in this collection, this dining set will look great for many years in your outdoor space.

To get the current pricing on any of these sets, click on the link below

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My thoughts on the Wesley Creek collection


When looking for an Outdoor Metal Patio Furniture Set, the Wesley Creek collection should be on your list if you are looking for good furniture for a low price.  The steel frames with powder coated finish will last well if taken care of.  The sling fabric for the seating and back is one of my favorites.  It last very well in outdoor conditions and need little care.

Not many collections will have a bar set to add to your patio furniture, I like this feature of this collection.  Don't forget to look at the individual pieces from this collection in my article here.

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