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Solar Powered Motion Detector Spotlights


Looking for lighting for security after dark, try a Solar Powered Motion Detector Spotlight that does not require running electric.   Having a solar security light with a motion sensor activated for your nighttime security needs.  You will not have to turn them on and off.  The motion sensor can turn your light on and a timer will turn it off at a preset length of time.

The model shown in this article will have three different light fixtures attached to the main body.  You can direct your lighting needs in any direction with a simple twist of a screwdriver.  Many security lights will only have one bulb and point in only one direction, this fixture can cover a wide area with just the one fixture.

When you are looking for a security lighting solution and do not have electric available, the solar-powered fixture is a great solution.  Now let us look at some of the details and how this item works for you.

Parts of a solar security light

Westinghouse solar panel and light fixture

Most solar lights will have separate solar panels.  The solar panel will be connected to the main light with an electrical cord.  This will allow the light to be installed under an overhang that does not receive direct sunlight.  There are a few all in one units that would have to be installed in a direct sunlight area.

The head portion of the light will include the motion sensor and your lights.  Almost all of the solar lights use LED lighting.  This will include multiple LED lights in each head unit. These lights will last for many hours and under normal use will not have to be replaced.

Motion sensors are normally mounted towards the bottom of the main fixture.  They can be adjusted for direction, sensitivity to motion, how long they stay on and can also come on at dusk.  Some fixtures will come with an off/on switch that will allow you to turn the fixture off when not needed when you are working in this area after dark.

The main body will house some kind of rechargeable battery, each will have a different size and type.  Make sure that you know what type before you need a replacement.  The rechargeable battery should last several seasons.  If your fixture does not work, see some of my solutions here on rechargeable batteries.

How the light will work

Westinghouse security light solar panelThe photocell captures the lights from direct sunlight and transforms it into an electric current.  This current charges the battery to the correct voltage for the system.  For more of my information on how solar panels work and what is the best one, see my post here.  Please check your system as the voltage and number of batteries vary.

The motion sensor captures motion and turns the lights on.  The motion sensor can be activated from up to 25 feet with a 180-degree motion detection area.  The motion sensor can be adjustable for length of illumination time, sensitivity to motion and the brightness of the bulb in the premium units.

Some units will also be available with a dusk to dawn sensor.  This will allow the light to come on at dark and stay on until the battery discharges, this is not the best solution to security lighting as it may not work when needed the most.

Advantages of a motion sensor solar light

The biggest advantage is the light is that it is not on all of the time.  The motion sensor will detect something moving and turn the light on.  You can adjust the sensitivity on most fixtures to keep from having false activation.  This is good when you are coming home at night and need the outside area lit up to help guide your way into the house.

The advantage of the solar light is that it will not cost anything after it is installed, you would just have to replace the rechargeable battery when necessary.  Installation does not need an electrician to run an electrical connection to the location of the fixture.

Why get a solar security light

Anyone who comes home late after dark does not want to step into a dark area.  Having a Solar Powered Motion Detector Spotlight for Security means that when you drive up your light fixture comes on and you can illuminate your path to your entrance to your home.  This will give you a greater sense of freedom that you don't have if you come home to a dark area outside your home.

I have my landscape lights set up with a motion detector to illuminate my walkway to the front door if someone is in my driveway, this gives my guest and family a nice lit area to come to the front door.  For my flagpole, I have a dusk to dawn light for security also.

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