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Solar Water Features for Gardens



When looking for a water feature for your outdoor space, do you have to stay close to an electric source?  No.  Just take a look at some Solar Water Features for Gardens and outdoor spaces that are solar powered with a kit.  Follow along as we take a look at the different parts of a solar powered pump and accessories.

I will look at several examples of Solar water fountains and explain how they work.  If you have an existing fish pond or just want a table top fountain to give you a relaxing sound, I will cover most types somewhere on this site.  You will have to find the look that you are after and the amount of work you are willing to do to keep your fountain working.

Now lets look at my information, for some examples of water features that are available for your outdoor space, see some of my post here.

Solar water feature for gardensDifferent parts of the solar pump kit

Solar panels collect the sunlight to turn it into power to run the pump.  Look at the systems as some will have a battery backup that will run the pump for several hours after the sun has set.  Because of the power draw, most will on run for a few hours.  Most back up batteries will last 1-1 1/2 years.  If you do not have a battery backup system, your pump will only run when the sun shines.

My friend Ross has written an article with a lot of information on how solar panels work, visit that post here.

Pumps will have  different power ratings, most are 12-18 volts.  Look for the dry run protection feature on the pump.  This will stop the pump from running if the water is too low.  Tubing must be clean to allow water to flow.

The size of the tube the water runs in will have an effect of the height and amount of water.   Most use 1/2 inch tubing.  You must compare the pumps  when they are connected to the same size of tubing.

Most pumps will have a GPH (gallons per hour) rating.  This is the amount of water that the pump can pump in an amount of time.  The other rating will be lift in inches,  This is the height that the pump can lift the water without having too much hydraulic pressure.  If you have multiple levels or a spray head in your water feature this will be of importance.

To enhance your water feature you can have a spray head.  This will allow you to have your water spray up in the air at your water feature.  Some also have a light feature that will come on at dusk and go off at sunrise.

Koolscape Cascading solar fountainHow your kit works together

To make it all work together will take a little planning.  The pump will always have to be under the water.  The water will cool the pump and if the pump runs dry (without water) it will burn up or this will shorten its lifespan.  The lift capacity of the pump will determine how high and how much water will be moved.

The solar panel will have to have direct sunlight for most of the day to charge back up battery and run the pump.  The solar panel will have to be connected to a rechargeable battery (if included), then to the pump.  The amount of wire will determine how far you can move the solar panel from the pump in the water feature.

Doing some planning of your water feature will save a big headache in the end.  Pay attention to the lift and GPH rate of your pump.


  • No electric to run to pump
  • Can be a decorative addition to your garden area
  • Noise can be soothing
  • Remote solar panels can let you place fountain in a shady spot


  • Without battery backup, only runs during sunny times
  • Have to make sure water is clean and full
  • Hot sun that powers pump can also dry up water supply

Solar Green Frog fountainWhat to like about a fountain pump


When selecting the Solar Water Features for Gardens for your outdoor space, you have many choices in style and how long they will run.  I have gone over some of the features that you should look for when shopping for a solar powered fountain.  I like the battery backup, you can have the soothing sound of the water flow after dark.

Some fountains will be able to be used on table tops, I do have an article on the smaller fountains here that could be used with remote solar panels on table tops or on a shelf.

Any questions or comments please send me a note with the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.