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Eucalyptus Wood Benches



The material that will make these Eucalyptus wood Benches will last as long as the Teak wood furniture.  See my article here about Teak wood.  I have chosen five different styles of benches to look at, very different and you will have to make a decision on what will work for your outdoor area.

What is Eucalyptus wood


First lets look at what Eucalyptus wood is and why do some people prefer it for their outdoor furniture.

Eucalyptus is a Hard wood that is in the Myrtle family-Rose Gum or Flooded Gum.  It is more dense than Teak and just as strong and durable.

All of the Benches made in this article are made of wood from Tree Farms, not from natural forest vegetation.  Native to Australia, Eucalyptus trees are now grown in many tropical areas around the world on Tree Farms.

The Strength and Density of the Eucalyptus Wood is very similar to Teak Wood.  Both will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.  Very little care is needed, just an occasional bath with a mild soap and water. Eucalyptus wood’s natural oils and tight grain prevent damage from rain, mold, and termites.  Fading of the color is natural, you can keep the original color if you what to coat it with Teak Oil when it starts to fade to a unique silvery gray patina color.

Cushions are available for all of these benches, just not included.  If you want to look at cushions see my article here for more details.  Each of these benches will require some minor assembly and will have galvanized hardware.

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Now lets look at five different styles of Eucalyptus Benches.


Eucalyptus Outdoor Patio Bench with storageEucalyptus Outdoor Patio Bench with Storage


The first Bench that we will look at is a storage bench.  This will have the seat that will open to store various items out of site.  The storage area is not weather proof.

This bench will give storage for cushions or other decorations that you do not want to sit out.  It is 48 inches wide, 36 inches tall and 27 inches deep.  It will weigh about 64 pounds.


Eucalyptus 3 seat Outdoor Bench3-Seater Forest Stewardship Council Certified Eucalyptus Chippendale Bench


This is a bench for the bigger crowd. It is wide enough for three regular size butts.  If you have a larger rear you can still fit two.  Each seat will have its own section of slats and backing.

The bench is 61 inches wide, 36 inches tall and 22 inches deep.



Eucalyptus Outdoor Bench without backEucalyptus Outdoor Backless Bench


If you are looking for something that is a little different from the traditional bench, this backless bench may work for you.  You can use it to sit on either side between a feature in your outdoor area.

It is 59 inches wide, 17 inches tall and 18 inches deep.  At 46 pounds it is very mobile to move to different areas of your outdoor space.



Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Love Seat Glider

Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Love Seat Glider


Looking for that motion seating in your outdoor area.  Better than a swing that is not mobile this Glider can be moved.

The mortise and tenon joint will make this a very durable piece of furniture.

It is 46 inches wide. 36 inches tall and 26 inches deep.  It will hold about 300 pounds of people.


Eucalyptus Curved Outdoor Patio BenchEucalyptus Curved Bench


If you are looking for a different style in your outdoor bench, this curved style can fit around a fire pit or other main feature in your outdoor space. Get several to sit around your main feature.

At 48 inches long, 16 inches high and 16 1/2 deep this bench will be comfortable for seating of two people.

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I hope that you have found your style of Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Patio Benches from the information I have provided.  You will have to see what style will fit your area.  Remember to look for your cushions here as these benches do not come with them.

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