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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Sets



Have an area of your yard that you use after dark that is need of light?  Have a favorite path that would be more useful if you could see to use it after sunset?  Low voltage landscape lighting kits will give you the freedom to use these areas any time.  Many styles of stick, Retaining wallBollard, Step, Deck , Brick and Well lights are available. Click on the type of light for more information.  Many color combinations are available also.

I have a set in front of my driveway, walkway to the front door.  With this set I don't have to worry about having the front porch light on when visitors come unannounced. They are on a dusk to dawn sensor with a dimmer feature.  The sensor for the dimmer is on the top of the garage door and when something or somebody walks in front of it the lights will brighten to full light for 3 minutes.  For more information on the available light controllers will work for low voltage lights see my post here.

Low voltage landscaping lighting kitsWired path lighting setup


Determine the layout of your lights, keep in mind your will have to hide the wire under the ground or have some protection for it. Look for recommended distance between fixtures in your installation instructions to have better coverage. You can use any object to lay out your lighting design, you can use the stakes for the lights. I use plastic cups partially filled with dirt or rocks so they do not move after I lay them out and a garden hose for the wire run.  For more information on wire run layout see my post here.

After laying out the design you will know how many lights you will need. You can design your path to have multiple types and styles of lights along your path. You can mix and match path and spot lights to highlight an item any where along your path.

Add up the total wattage of the lights of your landscape path lights. This will determine what size of transformer will be required.  See more information on how big of a transformer you will need in my post here, it will outline the proper size and options that are available.  The mounting of the transformer will have to be close to a 110 volt power supply. Most transformers are water resistant, but need to be out of any standing water.

Low voltage transformerWhat you will need to do to complete your outdoor path lighting


After getting the proper layout and the size of the wire will be next. The wire can be hidden under the ground or be put inside some kind of conduit to run on top of the ground. This can help if you have to run past the concrete steps to the entrance of your house. I prefer small plastic water pipe as it can be painted with plastic paint to blend with the environment and is very durable. Keep in mind you have to start at your power supply.  Click here for information on wire size for your layout.

After you have determined the layout and wire size you will have to connect it all together.  Click here to determine what type of low voltage wire connectors to use and where to use them.


Connecting your outdoor pathway lights


Follow the manufactures instructions to connect the lead from the fixture to the low voltage wire. Each type of light will come with its mounting process. Most come with stakes that can be pushed in the ground. Some will be adjustable in height.  Some can be ordered with optional mounts in trees or walls. The well lights are made to be put in at ground level with just the top showing.

Test your lights for coverage, make final adjustments before putting the cable under the ground.



All lights power on and off together.

Can light a walkway that is in a very shaded area during the daylight.

No batteries to buy or photo cells to keep clean.

Can power on and off with different styles of sensors.

Will work in spots with no sun shine.



Need to be close to electric supply.

Need to dig to bury the wire.

Need separate wire runs if run on both sides of concrete.



If you have path or highlighting lighting needs in your outdoor space and solar lighting is not an option, look at Low voltage landscape lighting kits as an option.  The set up time is a lot longer than solar lights, each will have their place in your outdoor lighting needs.

I hope that you have found this post useful, if you have any questions, comments or items that you would like more information about please use the forms below.