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Clean Mildew off Vinyl Siding


After looking at the north side of the house, I decided it was time to Clean the Mildew off the Vinyl Siding.  If you live in an area subject to mildew or mold growing on the north side, follow along as I go step by step how I changed the look of my house.

Mildew on the vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding before cleaning

Why do I need to clean my Vinyl Siding and what are the benefits


First of all it makes your house look bad.  Second the Mildew will lead to health problems if left to grow on the outside.  Third is the lady of the house said it needed to be done.

The benefits are that your house will look better, some allergies will be avoided and I can have some piece to watch sports on a clear day.


Jomax House Cleaner and Mildew KillerWhat materials did I use


I am going to use the method that uses a bleach based cleaner, just brush it on and rinse off.  This method is better for the siding, Power Washers can damage the siding if not used properly.   Water can be forced behind the siding and create other problems or if used with too much force, older siding can crack or peal with the use of a power washer.

  1. Jomax House Cleaner and Mildew Killer
  2. Bucket or tray for mixture, I used the tray that I soaked my foot in when it was broken
  3. Brush-wide and hard bristle-needs to be able to be attached to broom handle
  4. Mr. Long Arm or other extendable pole to attach to the brush if needed
  5. Hose to reach work area-remote shut off if a long way from spigot
  6. Adjustable Sprayer for  hose


Brush with Mr Long Arm In Jomax Mixture

Look at my dirty Jomax and water

What was the process that I used


Setup took up about 15 minutes to round up materials and get the hose stretched out to the work area.

Following directions on the package, I mixed the Jomax with water in the tray that I used.  I rinsed the siding on the house, then brushed the mixture on the siding.  Before it started to dry, I rinsed it off with the sprayer, it is that easy.

I did about a 6-8 wide section, then rinsed to see if any areas needed a repeat application.  As I only had to reach about 8-10 feet high, I did not have to stretch the Long Arm out all of the way.  Each section only took about 5 minutes and I had bushes to work around.


Vinyl Siding after cleaning with Jomax

Vinyl Siding after 5 minutes work

Pros and Cons of my Method




Will not damage siding

Does not cost a lot (under $20 if you have the tools)

Easy setup and cleanup



Requires some elbow grease

Harder to do if you have a second story on the north side

Requires an extended pole if you cannot reach with broom handle

Where to get the supplies that are needed for this method




This is not the only way to Clean the Mildew off the Vinyl Siding.  This is the method I prefer to prevent damage to the siding and not get a lot of water behind the siding.  If you prefer to use a power washer, I used one to clean the composite deck, you need to monitor closely to prevent damage.  I will do a post on that one in the near future.  I think that using a pressure washer on siding should be left to professionals that know how to work the pressure and the direction of the spray.  They both make a difference.  If you have a method that you like best, leave me a note below and I will try it out.

Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions or comments use the form below.

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