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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Sets


When looking to light your walkway or the edges of your driveway these Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Sets from Paradise Garden will fit most situations.  These sets will include all you will need to set up and install for each installation.  When you look at these light sets, keep in mind how many lights you will need and what styles will work best for you.

This is an older post that I have updated, some items are no longer available.  Look for newer information on low voltage lighting in my posts here.


Paradise Garden 4 Spotlight set

Paradise Garden Micro Spot Light Set


This set of four spotlights will highlight several items in your outdoor space.  Each fixture has an black finished aluminum body with an adjustable head unit to point and illuminate a garden statue, fountain, fence, flag pole or any other architectural surface in your outdoor decor after dark.  The 5-watt LED bulb that produces a warm white light and will provide about the same light as a 60 lumens bulb.

The kit will include a 22-watt transformer/timer to control the timing of the light, four different wall brackets will let you mount your transformer where needed.  An 18 gauge 50 foot of lead wire will let you set your lights out in any pattern.  Included Quick Clip connectors will connect your fixtures anywhere on your wire run.

The head of the fixture will be about 1.2 inches across and 2 inches deep.  The fixtures will be about 12 inches tall.

Some comments on the transformer being big, as it plugs directly into the outlet, it would not plugin without some modifications.

Paradise Garden Orbe Set of 6

Paradise Garden Orbe LED Pathway Set


This decorative Garden Orbe light set will have 6 aluminum fixtures in an oil-rubbed bronze finish.  The clear glass lens will defuse you light 360 degrees.  The 4- watt LED bulb will put out about 30 lumens of warm white light.

The included 22-watt transformer has a light sensor for turning on the set of lights at dusk and turning them off at daylight.  You will not have to worry about setting a timer. You will have 50 feet of lead wire to spread your fixtures out in your area to be illuminated.  Quick Clip connectors are supplied to make this set approved for installation in wet locations.

The fixture will be 15.8 inches tall and 4.8 inches across at the widest part.

Paradise Garden Lavelle Light kit

Paradise Garden Lavelle cast Aluminum Set


This is a set of 6 black cast aluminum fixtures that will have LED lighting that will be directed down by the dome-shaped canopy's.   The 3-watt LED bulbs will provide a warm white light that will never need replacing.  The plastic lens will allow you to radiate some light up.

The 22-watt transformer will plug directly into the 110 grounded outlet.  An inline photocell will turn your lights on at dusk and off at daylight, no need to set a timer or worry about the electric going off and the lights are on only in the day.  The 50 feet of 18 gauge cable will let you layout your outdoor space with plenty of light.

The easy installation of these lights with a 5-inch ground stake and total height of 14 inches will provide coverage if place about 7 feet apart.  The globe will be almost 6 inches across.  Using the quick clip connectors supplied, these units will be verified for wet location installations.


Paradise Garden 2 spot 4 light setParadise Garden Low Voltage Plastic LED Path and Spot Light Kit Plus Free LED Color Changing Solar Bottles


This unique set has a combination of 4 LED low voltage path lights, two LED low voltage spotlights and two solar-powered bottles that change colors.  The black plastic path lights will have a plastic opaque lens with a cone-shaped top.  The two spotlights will have a hood on the front to help direct the light.

The included transformer and wire will let you layout your lights for illuminating and highlighting a large area of you outdoor space.

Paradise Garden Color Changing Bottle

The two glass solar color changing bottles will give you light at night after a full days charge in the sun.  They will be held in place with the included metal shelf.  The shelf can be mounted on a wall or just sit on your patio table for a conversation piece.

The path light fixtures will be 14.75 inches high and 5 inches wide.

The spotlight fixtures will be 6.3 inches high and 3.5 inches wide.

The color-changing bottles will be 10.5 inches high.





All of these Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Sets will be complete sets.  You will not have to purchase anything else to make them work.  If you have an existing low voltage system, you can add one of these sets if you have enough power on your transformer.

Deciding what type of illumination is what will guide your decision on these light sets.  Look at your lighting needs, do you need up light, downlight, a spotlight, or a combination of these styles for your outdoor space.  You decide on what will work for you and then see if one of these sets will be for you.

The layout of your low voltage system is not always that easy, I have written an article on how to layout your wire run and what you will need in here.

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