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Best Outdoor Edison String Lights



I am going to look at the Best Outdoor Edison String Lights to a solution for mood lighting your patio or deck area using your umbrella as a base. Many outdoor areas have sitting or dining areas with a 9 foot umbrella supported by a table of some sort.  The newer ones have Velcro straps on the end of the ribs. I need to find the proper set of lights to fit without having lights hanging to the ground or having dark areas because the string is not long enough.

I just finished a review on an 9 foot umbrella with Velcro straps on the ends of the ribs for lights, look at my information here.  I did not see any lights on the display or any suggestions on what lights to use.  This article will give you the direction I took to find the best set of lights for this size umbrella and what I thinks about this feature.

Best Outdoor Edison String Lights 10 pack

If you want more details and my opinion of this set of lights, read on.

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Now let us see how I determined the right lights for this umbrella.



Product: Better Homes and Gardens Glass Edison String Lights, 10 Count

Price when the article was written: $20.33

Where to get for the best price online:


Better Homes and Gardens Edison outdoor lightsWhat do you get in the box?


You will get a set of 10 lights on a strand of brown wire  The total length of the wire is 16 feet with about a foot of wire on each end after the last light.  The lights are about 18 inches apart.  This set of lights will look very much like a string of Christmas lights as each light socket has a clip for attaching, if you use this clip your light bulb will not hang down for the best look.  The plug has a fuse for protection from power overload.  The other end of the cord is a female plug for adding another set of lights in a row, this will allow you to string them around the outside of your umbrella.

The bulbs are clear with 7 watts of power, they have a smaller base than a regular bulb, about the size of C-9 Christmas bulbs.  The bulbs have a very vintage look with the shape and style of each one.  If you are looking for replacement bulbs search for C 9 sized Edison bulbs or just use this link that I found here.  The other thing to do is purchase an extra set of lights for replacement bulbs.


Installation and safety precautions


Installation of string lights on umbrellaFor installation on a 9-foot umbrella, you will need two strings of these lights.  As I have not put my 9-foot umbrella out yet, I installed these Edison string lights on my 8-foot umbrella.  The distance between the ends of the ribs is 36 inches on my 8 footer, a 9 footer has 40 inches between the end of the ribs.

The 9 footers will be 320 inches around the ends of the ribs.  This will work out to about a little over 26 feet.  Two of these sets of lights will be 28 feet from first to last light on the run when plugged together.

The other thing is that my umbrella does not have the Velcro strips built-in like the newer 9-foot umbrella that I did a review on here.  I used clothes pins for my installation.

You will have to run an extension cord up the center pole and out one of the ribs for a power source for the cleanest look.  When putting your lights on the umbrella the first time take the bulbs out of the sockets, this will keep you from breaking one or more bulbs during assembly.  Once the string is in the position that you like you can replace the bulbs for illumination.

Take the same safety precautions with these lights that you do with Christmas lights, do not staple or pinch the cord during installation. Only string six sets of these lights in one row, if you need more lights have a different power source.


Edison lights hanging from trees




Easy to install on an umbrella with Velcro straps

Can plug up to 6 sets in line for 84 feet of lights

Made for outdoor use, can be used indoors




Replacement bulbs may be hard to find

Provided clips do not work for installation on umbrella

Not spaced to have a light at the end of each umbrella rib

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Better Homes and Gardens Edison string lights installed on umbrellaMy final thoughts and recommendations


The Better Homes and Gardens Glass Outdoor Edison String Lights will be a great addition for any of your outdoor lighting needs.  You will need to purchase two sets to get around an 8 or 9-foot umbrella, see my post on an umbrella with Velcro straps at the end of each rib here.  If you do not purchase an extra set for extra bulbs, I have left a link above where to find replacements.  These bulbs will give off a soft light so you can play cards and socialize with your guest after dark.

You can use this light set anywhere in your outdoor space, you do not have to use just on the ends of your umbrella, be creative and send me some pictures.

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