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Hanover Summer Night Gas Fire Pit with Chairs


If you are looking for that gas fire pit set with chairs for seating for four that you can sit around and entertain your family and friends with little work, this set is for you. The gas-powered fire pit can be lit and the fire left alone, no putting on wood or messing with ashes when done with the evening.

This set is designed to sit on any flat surface, even a wooden or composite deck.  Wood burning fire pits must have a special pad to be placed on a wooden or composite surface.

Now let us look at why I think this set is great for your outdoor space.


summer-nights-fire-pit-with-seatingProduct: Hanover Summer Night 5-Piece Gas Fire Pit Set

Price: $1651.75

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summer-nights-motion-chairWhat you get in the box


In the box, you will get four chairs and a fire pit.  The chairs will have a steel frame that has a gentle rocking motion, not a full rocker.  You will sit on an overstuffed cushion and have a smaller stuffed cushion for your back.  Each chair will be 29.5 inches deep, 26.5 inches wide and 34.5 inches tall. They will weigh about 30 pounds each.


summer-nights-fire-pitThe fire pit is powered by a 20-pound propane tank that is secured with a small chain under the burn area.  The square burn area is filled with lava rocks that will cover the round burner.  This produces no downward heat so it can be set on any surface, just have to watch that no combustibles are above the flame or within about 24 inches of the sides.  The fire pit is 40 inches square and 23.5 inches tall.  It will weigh about 118 pounds without a propane tank.

summer-nights-chair-assembly-diagramAssembly and use


The chairs only require the base to be attached to the seat.  The biggest problem is getting all of the parts aligned, you should have some help with this as it can be frustrating with only two hands.  Tools are included for the bolts and nuts.  Follow instructions closely as some parts will fit backward and make your chair unsafe.  The longer legs go to the back of the chair and the U plates must go in the proper location.  Foot caps are provided to keep the chair from sliding and marking up your floor surface.

The fire pit will require two people for the same reason as the chairs.  Four bolts hold the stone tabletop to the base.  Burn ring and burner pan is attached to the base from the factory.  Add your lava rocks as to not cover the igniter so your fire will start.  Place a 20-pound propane tank in place, hook up feed hose and secure with chain.  The igniter will need one AAA battery installed. The side door attaches by sliding it onto four pegs on the base.

summer-nights-fire-pit-controlsTo light the fire of your fire pit, open the side door, turn on the propane, push in control knob after moving to the on position and then push the igniter button.  If all is well you should have a flame, just use the control knob to adjust the flame to your liking.  Now just sit back and enjoy a little heat, a romancing flame and some of your favorite adult beverages.




Safety, storage, cleaning, and other information


With any gas appliance, you should make sure that your connections are secure and not leaking before lighting.  Watch small children while playing around a fire pit, even after it is turned off.  Do not sit any combustibles on the stone top when burning.

When storing any propane fire pit inside, make sure the propane tank is disconnected and left outside.  Store lava rocks out of freezing temps as the freezing moisture will cause them to crack and break.

Clean chairs with mild soap and water.  Clean the burner with a brush when cool if the flame does not work well and you do not have a fire all the way around the burner.  Sometimes particles will block the holes and not let the flame show.

If you find that you are missing some parts, have trouble understanding assembly instructions or have some damaged parts, call the Customer Service Center at 1-800-416-3511 for assistance.



  • Natural Gas conversion kit is available
  • Will require two people to put together if you do not have three or more hands
  • Lava rocks can be replaced with colored glass made for fire pits
  • No wood or ashes to mess with
  • Can share propane tank with BBQ pit as long as you don't need both at the same time



  • Assembly can be a little tedious
  • Lifting side cover off to adjust the flame
  • No cover for fire pit, burn pan may rust if not protected from weather


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In your search for an outdoor entertainment piece, the Hanover Summer Night 5-Piece Gas Fire Pit Set can fit in many patio decors.  It will give you an area to sit and relax with friends and family.  The gas fire pit set with chairs will give you a great conversation area to be used in all but freezing temps.  If you want more information on other Fire Pit sets, use these links to my other articles.

I hope that you have been given all the information that you need on this item, if you have any questions or comments use the forms below.  I will answer any questions quickly.

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