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Garden Arbor Ideas


We are going to look at five Garden Arbor Ideas that will have different purposes in your outdoor space.  All will be able to grow a climbing plant on them.  The materials that they are made of will give you some kind of idea of how long they will last in the outdoor environment.

First, you must look at the space you have and decide what type will work best for you. I have a cedar Arbor leaving my paver patio to the back yard, you can use them just like an outdoor doorway or just on a path with some climbing plants growing on them.

Now let us look at these seven designs and see what material and size will work best for your outdoor space.  For other backyard, Arbor ideas see my post here.

Metal Arbors

Garden Arbor Ideas-Montebello Scrollwork ArborMontebello Metal Garden Arbor

Price when this article was written: $179.95 or $219.95 with gate



The wrought iron look will look great with other wrought iron patio furniture.  The metal surface is powder-coated in a Gunmetal color.

The product arrives in one box that will weigh about 50 pounds.  It is made of a 1/2 inch square iron for the tubular frame with two scrolled inserts on each side.

When assembling some assistance will be required, the unit is too tall for most people to assemble by themselves.  When assembling make sure the parts are on the right side as the top sides do not interchange.  Directions are an explosion drawing that some find difficult to follow.

If you opt for the gates, the hinges are not adjustable, you will have to make sure the surface is flat so that the gates will align up.

The size is 48 inches wide on the inside, 23 inches deep, and 84 inches high with the 7-inch ground stakes.  The height of this arbor is between 75 and 78 inches depending on the depth of the stakes in the ground, for best results make sure the stakes are as far into the ground as possible.

The two gates are 48 inches wide and will be 44.75 inches off the ground when installed, the arbor will need to be level to make the gates align properly as they are not adjustable.  A latch will keep your gate closed when needed.  The gates are made to only swing out not in.

Once assembled and in the correct location, all you have to do is plant some sweet peas, climbing roses or clematis.  Some people like their arbor just the way it is and do not want to cover the Burnished Bronze finish with any plants.


  • Two-piece gate option
  • Ground stakes to keep stable in most winds
  • Powder-coated finish for outdoor weather durability


  • Gates only swing-out
  • Only available in one color
  • Not made to use without ground stakes


Garden Arbor Ideas-Tree of Life ArborTree of Life Arbor


Price at the time of this article: $249.95

If you are looking for an oversized simple arbor for your garden area this extra-large arbor will be for you.  The archway is pointed at the top and is made with metal finished with a black powder coat.  The bars on the side will let your climbing plants cover this arbor in no time.

It will be ready for vines or climbing flowers in no time after simple assembly.  The powder-coated black tubular metal frames will have laser-cut trees and leave's inset on the sides and top finished in a bronze color.

Your arbor will be 53 inches wide, 22.75 inches deep, and 83 inches high with the 8-inch stakes, without stakes or with them in the ground the arbor will be 75 inches tall.  The total weight of this arbor will be 46 pounds.


  • Tree of life design
  • 8-inch ground stakes
  • Powder-coated frame


  • If you grow vines on it, you will cover the tree of life
  • It May take two people to assemble because of its size
  • No way to mount on a concrete surface


Vinyl Arbors


The are several advantages of a vinyl arbor over a wooden or metal arbor.  The vinyl will not get boring insects, will not need painting, staining, sanding or stripping, will not rot and mildew, warp, crack, or peel.  Most vinyl arbors come with a 20-year warranty on the materials.

Garden Arbor Ideas-Athens Vinyl Arbor

Athens Arbor

Price when this article was written: $169.95

The archtop design of this vinyl arbor is what sets it apart.  It will be long-lasting and require very little maintenance with the white weather-resistant vinyl construction.  The lattice on the sides will be perfect for your climbing plants.

Assembly will be easy, will require two people in most situations.  Ground anchoring stakes are included, other installation methods will be either concrete foundation/burial or an anchor kit, these are not supplied and must be purchased separately.

Your arbor will be 39 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and 84 1/2 inches tall (without burial).  The frame will be made with a 1.5-inch square plastic tubing.  The inside opening will be 36 inches.  The package will be almost 19 pounds.



  • Lightweight, under 20 pounds
  • Will not rust
  • Never needs painting


  • No ground stakes, just bury the post
  • Some had trouble with assembly, needed a power drill
  • Maybe too lightweight to stay put


Garden Arbor Ideas-Vienna ArborVienna Arbor

Price when this article was written: $279.95

Looking for an arched top style in your outdoor garden arbor, the Vienna Arbor will make a great focal point in your outdoor space.   The bench option comes with this arbor and can be left off if you want an open walkway.   Made from a white maintenance-free vinyl material that will require very little cleaning, just wash off with the garden hose.

Assembly and installation will take little time and may require two people. Easy to follow video for assembly and mounting.  It has a ground stake for each leg that goes in a 45-degree angle to secure each leg to the ground.  Alternate mounting is a wood stake inside each post that is secured into the solid surface.

The arbor will be  Arbor 49 inches wide on the outside and 42 inches between the inside the 2 inches by 3.5-inch post.  It will be 24 inches deep and 92 inches tall.  The bench will be 42 inches wide 24 inches deep and 4 inches thick, it will fit nicely between the post.

Shipping instructions state that a 2-3 week lead time will be needed.


  • Bench option is standard
  • Easy to take care of
  • Wide opening


  • Bulky design
  • 2-3 week lead time
  • If you do not use the bench, it is trash



Florence Arbor


Price when this article was written: $279.95

Garden Arbor Ideas-Florence Vinyl Arbor

This Vinyl arbor will add architectural design to your outdoor space. Add into an entrance to your garden or the sitting area will help separate the areas to make it seem like you have many rooms in your living area outdoors. Made of rot and mildew-resistant white vinyl, it will last a long time.

This arbor will be almost maintenance-free, just rinse with the hose it will keep your arbor looking new year-round.

Assembly and installation are easy for this unit.  Instructions are easy to read and follow. Assembly will be easier if two people are involved, as this product is tall when completed. The installation will require to either set in concrete or some people opted to drive steel re-bar in the ground.

Your arbor will be 49 inches wide at the outside and 42 inches wide at the inside, 24 inches deep, and 93 3/4 inches tall without any burial of the 14-inch stakes for mounting at the end of each of the legs.  The post is 2 inches deep by 3 1/2 inches wide when looking from the front.  The box will weigh 47 pounds when received.


  • Easy to take care of
  • Wide at 42 inches inside post
  • 14-inch stakes for mounting


  • It May be too big for some areas
  • Bulky design
  • Only comes in white


What will you grow on your Garden Arbor


Many flowering plants will grow on a Garden Arbor.  Climbing Roses, Morning Glories, Purple Wisteria, Honeysuckle, Trumpet Creeper, Cross Vine, Mandevilla, any Ivy, and White Jasmine to name a few.  You choose the color and fragrance that would like to adorn your outdoor space.

You may want to stay away from any fruit-bearing plant, as they will attract pests and leave a mess on the ground. If you choose a plant that loses it leaves in the fall, the winter sun will shine through.  Check with the local plant person to make sure that your choice of the plant will handle your local growing conditions.

Making the correct choice will enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Use the following image to find the best price for your Garden Arbor Ideas online

Garden Arbor Ideas from PlowHearth



I hope that you have taken some of this information to help your Garden Arbor Ideas for the look of your outdoor space.  Garden Arbors will give you a look at the outdoors that your neighbors and friends will talk about.  Many different styles are available and you can change the look with the style of plant you have growing.

I have a cedar arbor for my pathway in my yard.  They make for a great place for vining plants and defining your outdoor space.

If you have any questions or comments use the form below and I will get back to you shortly.

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