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Antique 26″ Round Steel Fire Pit


In this article we will look at Walmart's new for 2016 Antique 26″ Round Steel Fire Pit.  I will give you the details and let you see if it is what will work for you.  Getting a fire pit for your outdoor space will give you a conversation area and a place for family and friends to gather on the cool fall evenings.

If you are looking for your first fire pit or replacing an older burnt out one, this one will give you many years of use, if stored properly.  Now lets look at the details.


Product:26 inch antique bronze Fire Pit
Where to get for the best price
Guarantee:See local store
My Rating:8 out of 10

antique-bronze-26-inch-fire-pitProduct overview


This fire pit is new for 2016.  Not many comments or information is available.I will give you my take on this item.

The fire pit is 26 inches across and 24 inches tall with mesh cover on.  The scrolled legs will support the weight of a large deep fire pit.  The open lattice design will allow more viewing of the fire from the sides.

The fire pit comes with a mesh cover, cover lifting tool that can help keep fire wood in place, and a vinyl cover for storage when not in use.  Has handles on the side to help in moving fire pit, just cannot move until cool or you use the proper protection from heat.

Only minor assembly is required, just attach the legs and you are ready to burn.

It is recommended to only burn wood without any excellarent to start or keep fire burning.

Who is this product for


You will need a large area that has a surface that will not burn or melt when it gets hot.  It is recommended that you have at least 10 foot of area between your fire pit and any vinyl siding. If you want to use on a wooden or composite deck I have a article on the DeckProtect system that works for these surfaces.

More than just a Fire Pit.  Your friends and family will love to sit around the fire and talk about their day.  You can cook hot dogs or S'mores or just share your favorite adult beverage.

S'mores MarshmallowsNeed a recipe for S'mores


Making S'mores for your family should be easy, not very neat.  First you will need a skewer, most will look like a two pronged fork on the business end.

Put your marshmallows on the skewer and toast until brown or on fire.  Just blow out the fire without getting burnt.

Place chocolate on graham cracker and place hot marshmallow on  chocolate and add top graham cracker.  Allow enough time for hot marshmallow to melt chocolate.

Try to eat without making a mess, good luck.

Let me know what other items you like to cook on your fire pit.




Vinyl cover for storage

Deep fire pit for more wood

Open sides for more fire exposure




Steel construction, will need stored out of weather or covered when not in use

Only recommended for burning real wood





My fire pit is on its last season, this Antique 26″ Round Steel Fire Pit form is top on my list for a replacement.  If you are in need of a fire pit for your outdoor space, take a close look at this example for the low price, the fact that it is easy to assemble and comes with a cover to extend its life.

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