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Outdoor Reversible Chair Cushions


The big advantage to getting Outdoor Reversible Chair Cushions for your dining set is comfort and flexibility.  You will have two different colors to choose from to fit your decor.  Many times when you only have one color or style you wish that you could change your decor. With the reversible color cushions you will have two different decors for your dining set.

Lets look at these two different styles in six patterns for each style and you can choose the style and color that fits your decor best.

Deluxe Outdoor Reversible Chair Cushions

Reversible Cushion 6Reversible Cushion 5

The Deluxe cushions come in six different patterns with a floral design on one side and a stripe design on the other.  The five inch thick cushion is really thick, your butt will not know it is sitting on an outdoor metal chair.  The water resistant fabric is a polyester fabric with non-allergenic fibers.  These cushions can be used on new or old chairs.  You could give you outdoor patio furniture a new look with out spending a lot of money.

Reversible Cushion 4Reversible Cushion 3

They will have four sets of tie strings for attaching to your chairs.  One on each side at the fold and one more set on each side about halfway up the back.  There is a fabric loop on the top for hanging up to dry or to carry.

Reversible Cushion 3Reversible Cushion 1



The cushions are 45 inches long, 22 inches wide and five inches thick.  The backs are 24 inches long and the seat is 21 inches long.


Outdoor French Edge Chair Cushions

Reversible Cushion Saliceto Malt Armona StripeReversible Cushion Gomer Gamali Black Tie

This style of cushion is a little smaller than the above cushions. The look will be a little different also.  The cushion has a flatter, more squared off front.  There will be 6 color combinations available.  Sunset Ebony, Echo Stripe Garnet/Garnet Truf, Marley/Chino Stripe Emeralda, Saliceto Malt/Armona Stripe, Gomer/Gamali Black Tie and Eastbluff Cobalt / Manzi Kiwia.

Reversible Cushion Marley Chino Stripe EmeraldaReversible Cushion Eastbluff Cobalt Manzi Kiwia

Has a hold down tie at the center fold for each side of the cushion.  A loop handle on the top for carrying, and can be used for hanging up for drying or storage.  The fabric is a mold and mildew resistant polyester material.

Reversible Cushion Sunset EbonyReversible Cushion Echo Stripe Garnet Garnet Truf


The cushion will be the same outward size of 45 inches long and 22 inches wide.  The big difference is the thickness of the cushion, this style is only 4 inches thick.


Where to find your Reversible Cushions




When looking for a comfortable solution to your sitting or dining outside, any of these Outdoor Reversible Chair Cushions will look good in your outdoor space.  The two styles are a little different, you will have to choose the thickness of the cushion that you prefer.  The color selections will give you at least on combination that will fit your decor.


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