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Looking to get a low voltage lighting kit for your outdoor space?  We will look at the Moonrays 95534 10 piece set that will have every thing you need to set up a path or area lighting needs for your high traffic areas.

Low voltage light kitWhat do you get in the box

When opening the box you will find 10 light fixtures, 10 yard stakes, 50 feet of 18 gauge low voltage landscape wire and a 48 watt transformer.  The transformer will have a photo cell to control when the lights are working.  Location of the transformer will determine the ability of this system to control the cycle of the lights.  Make sure it is not in dark shade all day long as this will have some effect on the timing of the lights.

Assembly and how it works

Low voltage light kitYou will need to assemble the light fixtures before placing them out for your layout.  Once the heads are placed on the post, the bulbs inserted, the top and second tier shades are installed you are ready to head out to the yard to place your lights.

You must determine your layout before you begin to lay the wire for your lights. Starting with the location of the transformer and working away from it will be the best method for determining the layout.  Connection to the wire run will be made with twist type of connectors.

In this kit the 50 foot of wire may not be enough for all situations.  If you have to get a longer wire a upgrade to a 16 or 14 gauge wire would be wise.

For more information on the Moonrays 95534 use this link

Rail top low voltage lightsOther options for this kit

If you would like to use these lights on a deck railing or post top, you can cut the post off to the large round portion.  You can mount the post with a couple of screws.  Please make note that you will have to run your cable to the fixture.  If you use a post that is hollow you can run the cable up the middle.  If it mounted on a railing you can tuck the wire under the bottom and drill a hole through the top rail for it to come through.

You can upgrade to LED light bulbs.  They are available for low voltage lighting.  They cost quite a bit more than regular bulbs, but will last the lifetime of your lights.  Check your transformer for the proper wattage of the LED bulbs.


Everything is included to make this system work

Photo cell is used to control when the lights are on

Can be used on railing or post top with some modifications


Light weight plastic can be damaged easily

Wires and bulbs may be hard to connect

If not connected properly transformer does not last very long

50 feet of wire is not enough for most installations

For more information on the Moonrays 95534 use this link

Conclusion and recommendations

When looking for a low voltage lighting kit the Moonrays 95534 will be a good kit to start from.  If your light run is short, the 50 foot cable will be sufficient.  Longer runs or a bigger area will require you to purchase additional wire.

This kit can also be used in different areas, not just on a path or driveway.

You will have to have some patience to get the lights connected, as the bulb plug and the wire connectors can be a little troublesome to get a good electrical connection.

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