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When looking for an Outside gas fire pit for your deck or patio area, the Carter Hills gas fire pit will set you apart from others.  The large rectangular design will give you a large burn area for your outside space.  I will go over some of the details and give you what it will take to put them together for use and care.

Gas fire pits do not need any protection when used on wooden or composite decks like wood burners.  Now let us look at the details for the Better Homes and Gardens Carter Hills Gas Fire Pit.

Outside Gas Fire Pit


Carter Hills Outdoor Gas Fire PitProduct: Carter Hills Outside Gas Fire Pit

Price when this article was written:$279.85

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What you get in the box


This dark brown aluminum gas fire pit is perfect for a deck or patio area.  It will give you hours of fire to sit around and entertain your guests. The liquid propane gas (tank not included) will provide you with a clean smokeless fire with a 50,000 BTUs of heat output on high.  The glass beads in the stainless steel bowl and burner will give you years of use.

The Bronze colored aluminum finish will have a slatted design for the top and sides.  The burn bowl cover will be a smooth finish with a built-in knob for easy removal when you want a fire.

Adjustable flame along the 38-inch burn area filled with clear glass fire rocks.  The fire pit is 57 inches long, 21.25 inches wide, and 24 inches tall.  With the included cover for the fire bowl, this fire pit will be a large coffee table for your patio area.

A poly cover comes with this unit for covering when not in use.  Electronic ignition will get your fire pit going without much effort and is included on the control panel on the right end of one long side towards the door for the propane tank.  Power will come from a 20-pound propane tank that can be changed by opening the door on one short end.

This fire pit will weigh 70 pounds without the tank and 20 pounds of fire rocks.  If you have to move this item, you may want to call a couple of friends and remove the tank.


Carter Hills Propane gas fire pit dimensionsAssembly and use


Major assembly is required for this outside gas fire pit.  The ends attach to the sides with screws. the top attaches to the sides and ends with bolts.  The door attaches with two through screws in the hinges. The knob for the door has a nut to secure, it will twist so you can open the door.

The adjustment knob and igniter are attached to a bracket and the bracket is attached to the top.  A wire and battery will need to be attached for the igniter to work.  The burn bowl is secured with two screws.  Add glass beads to the burn bowl.

Carter Hills propane tank doorAfter assembly, you will need to install a 20-pound propane tank behind the door.  Attach the tank to the gas supply line for the fire pit and turn on the gas.  Turn the knob on high and press the igniter for your first fire.  Make sure that the Glass beads do not cover the igniter.

The burn area is 7.5 inches wide and 38 inches long.  Simple soap and water should be used to clean up any spills or debris that form on this unit.  Harsh chemicals will damage the finish.  Do not clean the burn bowl with anything except plain water, do not want to add any chemicals to your fire.

The shipping box is 11 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 59 inches long.  The fire pit will weigh about 70 pounds without a propane tank so you can move with two people after it is assembled, just make sure the fire is out and the propane tank is removed for a lighter weight.



Pros and cons of this Outside Gas Fire Pit


  • Large table when not fire is needed
  • Poly cover is included
  • Clear glass rocks included


  • Heavy hard to move
  • Slatted material can be damaged
  • The Control panel is exposed to small hands


Burn bowl Carter Hills gas fire pitMy take on this gas fire pit


My take is that this is an excellent fire pit for a wood, composite or concrete deck or patio area.  Once you get past the assembly of this item, it will be easy to use and upkeep.  No wood ashes to clean up and you do not have to store firewood.  Just turn on the gas, hit the igniter, and adjust the flame to your desire.  It is big enough to sit many guests around at one time and they can all be close to the fire pit.

The major complaint on this item is the poly cover.  Several customers have stated that they would prefer to have a metal burn area cover.  The poly cover cannot be used until the unit cools down is often forgotten.

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There you have my information on the Better Homes and Garden Carter Hills Outside Gas Fire Pit.  You will have to determine what kind of fire pit will work best for you.  This unit is a great fire pit for any deck or patio without any surface damage concerns. If you like the idea of a gas fire pit for your outdoor area, I have some other gas fire pits in this post.

If you have any questions, comments, or need information on this or other items for your outdoor room use the forms below.  I will return all the requests.

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