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Ideas for Backyard Romantic Getaway


When looking at you outdoor space, many people overlook the Backyard Romantic Getaway space.  These spaces can be in any area and your space size may determine on what you can and cannot use.  I will look at several examples that can be used in small or large spaces, maybe I will give you an idea or some inspiration to make a Romantic Getaway in your outdoor space.

Look at these seven examples and give me an idea on what will work for you.  If you have additional ideas please let me know.



Lawson Ridge 3 person swing with canopySwing with Canopy


A swing with canopy can be very portable and can be taken down in the winter months.  You can place it in any location, with the canopy it will almost always be in the shade.  Sit back with your favorite person and adult beverage and just relax with the gentle swinging motion.

An option on some canopies is to fold down to a swinging bed, having a cooler in the middle or having a footrest swing out to lean back and relax.

See my review of some three person swing canopies here. If you are looking for something a little smaller so you can snuggle, look at my two person swing canopies here.

Bliss 2-Person Polyester Hammock2 Person Hammock


Hanging a 2 person hammock between two trees or on a movable stand will be options.  Hammocks are a little tricky to get into, the great thing about them if two people get into it, they migrate to the middle.  You can use this for a cuddle place and the only way to get away is to get out.

I have one for my weekend getaway at the lake and it works out well for a place to relax and forget about the real world.

I have an article about hanging hammocks here if you need more information on this style of an outdoor getaway.

summer-nights-fire-pit-with-seatingPropane Fire Pit with Seating


Sitting around a fire pit with your favorite adult beverage is a perfect romantic space.  Having a propane fire pit will allow you to sit and relax without having to tend to a fire.

If you have a little more room on a patio or deck, this set will work well for you.  It can be used on the cool fall and spring nights.  During the summer months, make a cover for the burn pan and you can use it as a table for your drinks and snacks.

If you think that this style will work for you, look at my article on Fire Pits with Seating here.  If you think that a Propane Fire Pit is all you need to add to your outdoor space see my article here.

sandhill-seven-piece-sofa-sectional-setConversation Set


Having a conversation set with a sofa, chairs and table will need a lot more room.  If you have a large space on a deck or patio you can get a set that will be able to change the seating to match the intended use.

Some have convertible ottomans, just remove the cushions and they become a short side table.  Adjust the layout to make a sofa for laying down and relaxing with your favorite person.

If you have this amount of space available see my post on Conversation Sets here.  Many different styles are available and they can be rearanged in layout with ease, to match your desire.


Axxonn Alhambra Fire PitWood Burning Fire Pit


Having the smell and vibe of a wood burning fire pit will give you a great mood to sit and relax.  On a cool evening in the spring or fall will be a perfect setup for sitting around a wood fire.

The ability to cook a hot dog or make some Smores over the fire is a great way to start a conversation with your guest. Having to tend the fire is the only draw back to this kind of outdoor space.

If you like the idea of a wood burning fire pit see my post about them here.  You will need a space that is not close to any combustibles or vinyl siding.

Sand Dune Bistro SetBistro Set


If you have a small small deck patio or area, you could add a bistro set to sit and drink you favorite adult beverage with your favorite person.

With just two chairs and a small table you will have a person to person area that will lead to casual conversation, just what you are looking for.  If you are looking for that romantic diner, just fix your favorite meal and a glass of wine to start the evening.

If you need more information on what styles of bistro sets are available see my article here, many styles are available for your choosing.

backyard water feature ideas

Marsala Wall Fountain

Water Feature


Having a water feature to make a soothing sound for a background noise will help with your romantic mood.

You have choices of table top, full or small stand alone fountains or a wall hanging unit.  Some will have a solar powered pump that will only work when the sun is shinning, this will allow you to locate in an area without a 110 volt power supply.

If you would like to see more examples of outdoor water features look at my article here.  Having some background waterfall noise will be soothing to your special guest, a great way to set up the proper mood for a romantic space.



After looking at some of my Ideas for Backyard Romantic Getaway, I hope I have inspired you to think about your outdoor space.  You can mix and match some of these to create your own special space.  Each person will have to look at their space and think of what will work for them.  Having an outside getaway to spend time with your special person will give you that opportunity to gel with this person.

If you have any thing to add to this post or have your own getaway, leave me a comment below and I will return an answer.