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3 Person Swing Hammock with Cushion


When looking for seating solutions for your outdoor space, this Wentworth 3 person Swing Hammock with Cushion by Mainstays will be a multi-function piece.  The fact that you can go from a swing with a back to a full solid hammock for a nap is what makes this swing such a great addition to any outdoor space.

Having seat and back cushions will make for long term sitting.  The canopy will be adjustable to keep up with the moving sun.

This outdoor hammock swing is back in stock for your summer enjoyment.

Mainstays Wentworth 3 person Hammock Swing with Cushion

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Now let look at the details and see if this swing will fit for you.


Product: Mainstays Wentworth 3 Person Swing Hammock

Price when article was written: $199.28

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What you get in the box


Mainstays Wentworth swing converted to hammockThe large box will require a pickup or large SUV to pick up and a buddy.  The frame is made of steel with a matte French Roast powder coated finish for a durability in outdoor conditions.  The canopy is a polyester material that  has a stripped finish.

The cushions are made with the same polyester material.  The six cushions are sewn together to make three parts, connected where they fold when the back of the swing is in the upright position.  Each arched top upper cushion will have a button in the middle for an upper scale design.

A simple latch system on the support bar for the back section on the seat will allow the seat back to be lowered for a bed without too much work.

The swing will be 82.75 inches wide outside of the legs, 52.75 inches deep from front leg to back leg and 66 inches tall to the top of the canopy.  The bed portion is a little under 72 inches long, I am 6 foot tall and have to have a pillow on one arm to lay without pulling up my feet, if you are taller you may be uncomfortable laying on this bed.

The seating area will support 750 pounds of stuff or people, this will allow two large adults to sit without the fear of the swing collapsing.

For those looking for dual purpose seating for their outdoor space, this Hammock Swing with Cushion will work well.  Seating for three and a daybed to take a map when needed will give you the best of both worlds for a low price.

Assembly and care of your swing


Mainstays Wentworth lock for seat back on hammock swingWill take about two hours with two people to put this outdoor hammock swing together, if your assembly skills are average or above.  You will have to supply a Phillips screw driver, all other tools are supplied.  Having a level surface for assembly will assure a level swing when finished.  If you need more detailed assembly instructions use this link.

Attach front and back legs in pairs, do not tighten any bolts all the way until all of the frame is assembled.  Attach each leg assembly to each end of the top frame.  Add front to back support to each set of legs.  The back support is next, make sure it is put on with the arrows up.  Now make sure you are on a level surface and tighten all of the hardware.

Next is the canopy.  Attach adjusting screws to end frames, slide long tubes in canopy material.  Attach end frames to long tubes.  You can choose to attach the canopy to the top frame now or wait until the swing is hanging.  The swing can be used without the canopy by just removing the two end adjusting screws and lifting the canopy off.

When starting with the seat base and arm assembly, make sure that the labels are matched so that your seat will recline properly. The next step will be to attach the seat support to the seat base.  The seat support back bar will go into the two locks to keep it upright for seating.  Two hanging arms for each side is next, then a spring in top of each set of the arms.   Attach springs to top of frame and add cushions.  Top of cushions will attach to the top of the seat support bar with Velcro straps.

Unlocking the two latches on the back bottom seat frame will allow you to remove the bar and let the back of the seat fold down for the hammock effect.

Care of your outdoor hammock swing will take a simple mild soap and water solution.  Do not use any harsh chemicals, even window cleaner, it will damage your painted surfaces.



Can change to a flat bed for a nap

Adjustable canopy

Has a very modern design, button on cushions and arched leg supports




Bed not long enough for taller people

Need skills and two strong people for assembly

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What do I think about this swing


If you are looking for dual purpose seating for your outdoor space, this 3 person Hammock Swing with Cushion will work well for most.  With the ability to change from a regular swing to a swinging bed in minutes will make this very desirable. Having a bed with a canopy outdoors will make reading that book then taking a nap in the same location easy as lowering the back.

If you need to look at some more of my three person swing solutions, use this link.  If you would like information on the smaller two seat swings, see my information here.

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