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outdoor cast iron Chiminea


This outdoor cast iron chimenea is great for a small patio area in your back yard space.  The Oakland Living Elite Chimenea will fit most decors and has a design that will be pleasing even when not in use.


Elite Chimenea

Oakland Living Elite Chimenea

What do you get in the box

You get a small patio size Chimenea that comes in several parts that when assembled will be 15 inches around and 34.5 inches tall.  At only 30 pounds it can be moved easily to any location.


Assembly of your Chimenea

Assembly will just take a few minutes and only require a Philips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. Just check the list of parts against the list on the instructions to make sure everything is there.

Start with attaching the legs with the included bolts and washers.  Avoid over-tightening the bolts as to not damage the cast iron parts.

Stand up on the legs and add the stack.  Attach with the painted screws, washers, and nuts.  Add the base bottom with the bolts, washers, and nuts.

Next will be the door and latch.  Attach these with the painted screws.  Adding the screen to the stack will complete your assembly.

To protect your Chimenea from the weather the stack should always be covered so that rain or snow does not stand inside to prevent an early rust problem.  Look at one of the covers below to extend the life of your Chimenea.

Available accessories

The following accessories are available for your Chimenea.  These will enhance the value and give you a longer life of your fire pit.

Gas conversion kit for Chimenea

Gas Conversion Kit

Gas conversion kit

This kit will convert your wood-burning Chimenea to a gas burning fire pit.  This will eliminate the need to keep a stack of wood, cleaning out of ashes, or having annoying smoke while your quest is around the fire pit.

Fireplace pad

Fire pad for Chimenea

Fire Pad

There are several pads for the protection of your patio area from burning embers.  These pads will not keep a wooden or other deck components from burning if the embers are left on the pad.

The pad is made of a heavy woven fiberglass material backed with a durable latex material.  This pad will not be fireproof but will offer protection and time to remove burning embers if they fall out of the pit.

Cover for Chimenea

Cover for your Chimenea

Chimenea cover

Getting a cover for your pit will extend its life in the outdoor environment. The covers are made to shed water and prevent mildew.  Made of a durable cloth material it will be flexible in the coldest weather.  it can be washed if needed and has a drawstring on the bottom to secure it to the chimenea.


Easy to assemble, strong construction

Can convert to gas use with add on kit

Great for small patios and has a decorative finish


Cast metal can be easy to break if not handled properly

Can burn through after a couple of seasons of use

Small not full size

For more information on other woodburning fire pit ideas, visit my other post with this link


The Oakland Living Elite Chimenea will be perfect for any small patio area in your outdoor space.  When not in use just cover the top of the whole unit to protect from the elements.  Smaller than the full-size units, this fire pit will still keep you warm and cozy on the cool nights when you want to enjoy nature and sit in your outdoor space.

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