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When shopping for the best wind chimes sounds, the size and materials will have a lot to do with it.  Listen to each of these wind chimes to hear what will work for you.


best wind chimes soundsWoodstock Pachelbel Canon

Enjoy the relaxing music from this wind chime.  The sound can be adjusted by the removable wind catcher.  The tubes in will feature tunes of C, F sharp, G, A, B, and D.


Wooden top and clapper are made of ash painted in a black finish.  Clapper is hung by four black rods.  Sound is made from  six Aluminum tubes in a silver color.  The length is 32.5 inches.




best wind chimes soundsWoodstock Amazing Grace

A removable wind catcher will make this wind chime adjustable for how much wind it will take to make its sound.  Listen to here the notes from the tune of Amazing Grace.

Available in two sizes.  25 inches long will give you a mid-range tone.  40 inches long will give you a lower tone.


Top and clapper made of Ash wood stained in a cherry color.  6 Aluminum tubes in a silver finish make the sound.



$35.95 for the medium size

$51.00 for the large size

best wind chimes soundsWoodstock Chime Gregorian Alto

With eight tubes for sound and a lifetime tuning guarantee, this wind chime will give any outdoor space a soothing melody with its alto chimes.

Tuned to a medieval scale, music of the gothic era.


Wooden top and clapper cherry finished ash wood.  Eight Aluminum tubes in a silver finish.  29 inches long




best wind chimes soundsHimalayan Echo Series

This series of wind chimes is available in six sizes each with a different tone.  You can choose from a little 24 inch long chime up to an 84 inch long chime, depending on the rich sound you are looking for.

The Little Echo chime will have a 7/16″ tube diameter, 24″ of overall length, weight 1 lb.

The Petite will have a 7/8″ tube diameter, 30″ of overall length, weight 1 lbs.3.

The Small Himalayan Echo will have a 7/8″ tube diameter, 36″ of overall length, weight 2 lbs.

The Medium Echo chime will have a 1 1/4″ tube diameter, 42″ of overall length, weight 4 lbs.

The Large Echo will have a 1 9/20″ tube diameter, 54″ of overall length, weight 3 lbs.

The Deluxe will have a 2 3/4″ tube diameter, 84″ of overall length, weight 30 lbs.


The clapper is made from a composite wood-a product of sawdust and recycled plastic.   Tubes are made from aluminum with a brushed finished.



Little Himalayan Echo-$39.90

Petite Himalayan Echo-$77.26

Small Himalayan Echo-$100.06

Medium Himalayan Echo-$119.70

Large Himalayan Echo -$176.70

Deluxe Himalayan Echo-$627.00

best wind chimes soundsChimes of Earth

This chime is 37 inches long.  Has a diamond shaped wind catcher so that it will play in the slightest of breezes.  The tubes are tuned for a lifetime of enjoyment.


Six tubes are made of aluminum with a finish in bronze or silver.  Hanger, clapper and wind catcher are made of Ash wood.




How to care for your Wind Chime

Make the location of your wind chime protected as much as you can from the elements.  Install away from direct sunlight or very heavy winds.

Most surfaces can be cleaned with soap and water.  The natural aluminum surfaces can be cleaned with #0000 steel wool to take out any rough surface spots.


This is only five types out of the chimes that will give you the best wind chimes sounds.

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