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Gas Fire Pit Table Cover


Have a seating area that could use some heat during the cooler nights, try this square gas fire pit table with cover for your outdoor space.  The top of the pit can be covered for a table for the warmer months when a fire is not needed, you will not have to hide this fire pit during the warmer months of the year.

If you like the idea of having a fire pit that you can use in your outdoor room all year round this will work for you.  The table top will be 28 inches tall the same as most bistro tables, you can serve snacks or a small meal on it, the top has a knob on it where most tables have a hole for an umbrella.

The burn area will have clear glass beads for media.  You can replace with other types of gas fireplace media for an extra cost.

Product: Hiland Fire Pit Hammered Bronze Finish

Price when article was written: $207.99

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Hiland gas fire pit table cover

What do you get in the box


This gas fire pit is like having a square table with a removable cover that will allow a fire during the cooler months for outdoor enjoyment.  The fire pit is made of steel with a hammered bronze finish.  Clear glass beads will cover the round stainless steel burner, other colors are available with extra cost.  The flame on high power will give out 31,000 BTU's of heat and burn about 8 hours on a full tank of gas.  This is enough to heat several feet away from the pit.

The top is 38 inches across on the top and 32 inches across at the base.  The top will be 28 inches from the floor.  The fire pit will weigh about 105 pounds without the propane tank.  It will use the same type of 20 pounds propane tank that most home BBQ pits use.  You can share the same tank if you do not BBQ when you are having a burn in your fire pit, if you are doing both you will need two tanks.

The propane tank will fit behind a door on one of the sides.  The igniter and fire controller will be behind the same door. When you have the top on and door closed this will look like a large based bistro table.

I like the dual purpose that this fire pit brings to the table.  Get a conversation set or a few chairs and start having some parties outside during the cooler months. If you like the idea of matching sets see some of my articles on conversation sets with fire pits.

Gas fire pit burn areaWhere can I use my fire pit


A Lot of people ask if they can use a gas fire pit under covered patio or on a wood or composite deck.  I will answer these questions for you in this post.

Use on a covered patio, not enclosed patio, is OK if you have at least 8 feet of space above the fire.  As heat rises, you cannot have anything that can be damaged by heat too close above a flame.  Also keep in mind that vinyl siding will warp if it gets too hot, do not sit within 8 feet of vinyl siding.

The gas fire pits will be able to be used on any kind of surface with out protection.  The flame is contained in the fire bowl and all of the heat is on the top of the unit.  Some have even put their gas fire pit on an outdoor rug.  No protection needed like in a wood burning fire pit.  See further information on this in my article on DeckProtect for any composite or wood decking with a wood fire pit.

Be safe when using your gas fire pit as it still has an open flame.  Use common sense when placing your fire pit before lighting it.

Assembly and use of this fire pit


I have found a video on the assembly of this fire pit, please watch if you need more instructions than in the box.


Hiland gas fire pit control knobFirst time lighting this fire pit can be a little tough.  Some have stated that the flame will not stay on.  After turning the propane tank on, you will have to wait for the air to clear out of the gas line before you can get a good flame.  This can take several minutes of having the gas turned on.  The burner does have a thermocouple like a furnace.  If the flame goes out the gas will stop running.  This must heat up before you get a good flame.

Taking care of your fire pit should just be to wash with a simple mild soap and water.  Any harsh chemicals will damage the painted surfaces.  Getting a square vinyl cover for when it is stored will also help with the protection of your fire pit, it is not included for this model.


Uniflame gas fire pitPros


Cover for burn area to make a table

Propane tank is hidden from view

No ash cleanup or firewood to store




Heavy, need to find a location and leave

Knob in the center of the lid

Some found hard to light with the igniter

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What I think about this gas fire pit


Looking for that one piece of furniture for your outdoor space that could make it shine, try a square top gas fire pit with cover. This Hiland model from will fit most outdoor decors and can be used in any season.  Just use it as a snack table in the summer and a fire pit in the spring and fall.

Finding the right combination for your outdoor decor should not take working gathering firewood, getting the wood to burn, making sure you have enough wood on hand or cleaning up the mess the next day when it cools.  If you find you like the work and feel of a wood burning fire pit, follow the link to my articles.

Using a gas fire pit for your outdoor space will give you time to be with your guest and not worry about anything but running out of gas.  Having a table to sit drinks and snacks on will be an added bonus to this fire pit.

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