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Patio Furniture with Fire Pit Sets

Like to sit outside and have conversations with friends and family, try one of these Patio Furniture with Fire Pit Sets.  Each one will be a little different, all will run off of a 20 pound propane tank, just like the one used on most BBQ pits.  If you were going to BBQ at the same time as you burn your fire pit, you would have to have two tanks.

The advantage to a gas fire pit for outside use, is its ability to be used on composite and wooden deck materials.  You will still have to keep at least 4 feet away from any siding or other side material to avoid damage.

Read along to help make a decision on what works best for you and your family.  Each of these fire pit sets will have some distinctive features that will appeal to some not all.  Now lets get to the details of these patio furniture with fire pit sets.


Ridgewell sectional patio furniture with fire pit setsBetter Homes and Gardens Ridgewell Set

Price when article was written: $493.84 plus $49.97 for shipping

What do you get in the box

You will get four pieces of sectional furniture for seating and a round fire pit.  The seating frames will be finished in a black walnut powder coating with dark tan cushions.  Round fire pit will have tempered glass inserts, door for propane tank and controls.

Each section of seating will have a thick seating and back cushion made with olefin fabric covers, with a throw pillow.  Velcro will hold sections together and hold seating cushions in place.  Changing seating will be a breeze as you can place each section by itself to surround the fire pit.  Each section is 51 inches wide at the back, 30.5 inches deep and 32 inches tall.  Each seating section will hold 250 pounds of butt.

Ridgewell gas fire pitThe fire pit is 43 inches across and 24.5 inches tall.   Four pieces of tempered glass will be used to make your table edge. A flat cover is included for the burn area so that this table can be used all year round.

One of the four round panels for the bottom will open to give access to the controls and propane tank.  Tank is mounted on a base with rollers to make changing easier.  This will not work well if your pit is on a grass or dirt surface.

This patio furniture whit fire pit set is for a larger area, will need a 12 foot by 12 foot area to not feel crowded when setting up this set.


Assembly and care

Chairs come fully assembled, just add cushions and throw pillows.  Fire pit does require a bit of assembly skills.  Most assembled in less than a half hour.

Care of your set will be to wash with a mild soap and water.  Do not use any harsh chemicals or glass cleaner, as this will damage the powder coated paint and it will start to peel.

Cushions will need to be stored when not in use to prolong their outdoor life.  For storage solutions see my post here.


  • Sectional seating can be arraigned in any order
  • Velcro to hold seating and cushions together
  • Tank hides on rollers under table
  • Table top cover for burner area


  • Have to watch feed line to keep away from burner
  • Fire Pit assembly tough
  • Tank is visible under table from door side
  • Cushions will need storage in harsh weather

Living Stone Lake gas fire pit set for 2Cosco Living Stone Lake Conversation Set

Price when article was written: $535.27

What comes in the box

This simple fire pit set will have two straight leg chairs and a square gas fire pit.  The seating and back of the chairs and sides of the fire pit are covered with a sling material that last very well in outdoor conditions.

Each chair will have a comfortable arched seat and straight back.  They will be 21.5 inches wide, 26.5 inches deep and 35.25 inches tall.  Each chair will hold 250 pounds.

Living Stone Lake gas fire pitThe fire pit will have a 32 inch square top made of steel with a brown powder coated finish.  The sides will have the same sling fabric material as the chairs. It will be 25 inches tall and have a metal cover for the burner so you can use as a table when a fire is not needed or wanted.  One side is a door and opens to allow access to the controls and tank.

If you have a smaller outside area or just want seating for two, this set will be great for your patio or balcony area.


Assembly and care

Both chairs and fire pit will need to be put together.  There will be a need to follow directions with both, as the assembly parts can only fit in certain spots.  Customers did find the assembly time consuming.

Care will be with a mild soap and water.  Sling material is very durable in outdoor conditions, I have several seating items with this material that have been in outdoor conditions for almost 10 years with little or no wear.



  • Sling material easy to take care of
  • Cover for burner so you can use fire pit as a table
  • Great for small decks or balconies


  • No motion in the chairs
  • Seating for only two butts


Summer Nights Fire Pit with seatingSummer Nights 5-Piece Fire Pit Lounge Set

Price when article was written: $1364.99 add $12.97 for shipping


The Hanover Summer Night patio furniture with fire pit sets offers several options for your patio furniture with fire pit.  I will cover the 5 piece with motion chairs in this part of the post.  I have more details of this set in another article here.

The two chairs will have a rocking motion via a plate between the base and seating section.  Thick cushions will give you long term sitting comfort.  Each chair will be 29.5 inches deep, 26.5 inches wide and 34.5 inches tall.  Cushions are made of polyurethane foam with a polyester material for cover, they will need storage for long term use outside.

Summer Nights Gas Fire PitFire pit is heavy at over 100 pounds without tank.  Top is 40 inches across and 23.5 tall.  Removable panel on one side to access flame control and propane tank.

Assembly and care

Chairs will need to have the motion bars connecting the seat base to the chair base installed.  Follow directions as the chair may not be stable if you install wrong.  Fire pit does have a little bit of assembly, four sides and a one piece Durastone top.

Care of your set  will be with just a mild soap and water, anything harsh will damage the paint over time.   Cushions will need storage when not in use.



  • Aluminum frames will not rust
  • Rocking motion in chairs
  • Deep comfortable cushions for long term sitting


  • No cover for burner when not in use
  • Cushions will need storage when not in use
  • Fire control behind lift off door panel


Cambridge Fire pit conversation Cambridge Outdoor Concord 2-Piece Chat Set with Durastone Fire Pit

Price when article was written: $1499 plus $49.97 for shipping


Looking for something a little different, this arched shaped sofa will give you a romantic time beside your fire pit.  Aluminum frames with a powder coated finish will last many years outside.

The sofa is one piece after assembly, it will be 98 inches wide, 41 inches deep and 35 inches tall. Two people will fit comfortably, three would be a crowd if they are not small.  Cushions are covered with an Olefin fabric, very durable in outdoor conditions, I would still recommend storage when not needed.

Cambridge gas fire pitFire pit is the same as the Summer Nights set above.  Has the Durastone top with a removable panel for tank and flame adjustment.

Assembly and care

Chair will come in two end pieces that will be connected with a center piece.  Assembly of the fire pit is a little bit more work.  Four sides, a base then the stone top needs to be assembled.

Care of this set is like most others, just a mild soap and water.  Harsh chemicals will damage the paint over time.  Storage of cushions is recommended.



  • Great for small spaces
  • Thick cushions for seating comfort


  • Chairs cannot be moved
  • Fire pit side must be removed to adjust flame
  • No cover provided for burner when not in use

Hanover Traditions bar height fire pit with six chairsHanover Traditions 7-Piece Fire Pit Bar Set

Price when article was written: $2499


When you are looking for something a little different and like to party when you are outside, this set will work for you.  With six swivel bar stools and a bar with a gas fire pit in it, you can party even on the cool nights.

Bar stools will swivel 360 degrees, they will not rock.  Aluminum frames with a dark powder coated finish will last very well outdoors.  Chair is 25.5 inches wide, 24.5 inches deep and 44 inches tall at the back.  Seat is 27 inches off the floor, bar that connects the legs will provide a footrest.  Each chair will support 250 pounds.

Hanover Traditions bar height fire pitFire pit bar will have a two doors on one side.   One door will allow access to the the propane tank, the other will give access to some shelves to store your glasses or other party materials.  Table will be 68.5 inches wide, 36.5 inches deep and 36 inches tall.  Top is a slated design made from aluminum.

Controls for fire pit are under the top , but not behind a door. Cover is included for the burner when not in use.

Assembly and care

Chairs will have two main parts, the seat and base with swivel.  Just attach the seat and base together at the swivel with four screws and each chair will be ready for sitting.  The fire pit bar will take a little more work.  The back and two sides are one piece.  Just unfold the sides and then attache the door assembly to the front.  Add the bottom shelf and second shelf to one side.  The burner pan is next, then add the top and burner trim.  You are now ready to add a 20 pound propane tank (not included), lava rocks and have your first fire.

Care is simple for this set, like the others just a mild soap and water.  The bar has a sling fabric on the sides to make it easy to clean. Cover is included for the burner and cushions should be stored when not needed.

Set can be purchased with only four chairs.  The Hanover collection offers several styles and colors to chose from.


  • Chairs swivel
  • Has burner cover
  • Can be converted to natural gas
  • Controls easy to access


  • Tall bar set will not fit in all outdoor decors
  • Tall seating (27 inches) not for every one


To see these and other fire pit sets with seating, follow this link

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My final thoughts on these sets

For the biggest overall look, the best patio furniture with fire pit sets in this article is the bar set.  Having tall seating and a bar that has a fire pit in the middle is a great look, this would look like a million bucks around a pool.

All of these sets are powered by a 20 pound propane tank, like on a BBQ grill.  They will last from 6 to 12 hours on each tank, depending on the height of the flame.  You can use a propane powered fire pit on a wooden or composite deck as long as it is not too close to vinyl siding or any other combustibles.

If you are looking for a conversation set, why not add a fire pit not just a regular coffee table.

Thanks for ready my post, let me know your thoughts or questions on these sets.