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Retro Metal Patio Furniture


Like the look of old fashion metal patio chairs, the Mainstays red retro metal patio furniture collection from will be a better option than going to the flea markets and tag sales looking for some good used ones.  The glider will give hours of comfortable seating, if you add some small cushions, you will increase your comfort level.

Having the look of the old metal furniture with modern touches like a durable powder coated finish to keep rust away will make this collection last a long time in your outdoor space.  The modest pricing will be a lot cheaper than getting a used piece and trying to refinish it to  look good.

If you would just like to see current pricing and availability of this collection, click the following link

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Now lets look at what is available and how easy it is to put together.


Mainstays red retro metal gliderMainstays Retro Metal Glider, Red, Seats 2

Under $110 when article was written

What do you get in the box


Having owned several gliders, I can say that it is one of the most relaxing seating pieces for your outdoor space. Having this retro glider will be a conversation piece when you have guest over.  The design will have people thinking that you refinished it and spent hundreds of dollars on it.

The upper frame hangs on the lower frame by two arms on each side.  When you glide back and forth the chairs will change angles a little giving you the slight motion of a rocker also.

The glider is 43 inches wide, 29 inches deep and 34.5 inches tall.  Each seat will hold 250 pounds for a total weight of 500 pounds for this glider.

Assembly of your glider


Assembly of your glider will take some time and patience. Follow directions carefully as some have stated that the hardware does not fit well.

Mainstays red retro metal glider swivel bolt sequenceLower and upper seat parts are held together by four sets of screws each.  Assembly of upper frame will involve attaching each side with two cross bars, support arms should already be attached to upper frame.

Lower frame is already assembled, now you have to attach upper frame to lower frame at the pivot points.  It will be helpful to have extra hands at this point.  Follow diagram for proper sequence of hardware to make sure you have smooth operation of your glider when finished.

Now comes the part most customers had the most trouble with attaching the chairs to the top frame.  Top and bottom rails of the top frame have tabs for the chairs to attach too.

Both chairs must be in pace to insert the center bolt for the chairs.  This is the bolt that most customers had trouble with, make sure that you have an extra pair of hands when inserting this set of bolts.  Once the inner and outer bolts have the chair parts attached to the top frame, you are ready to sit and relax and talk about the comfort of your glider.


Mainstays red retro motion chairMainstays Retro C-Spring Metal Chair, Red

Price was under $45 when article was written

What do you get in the box


This spring action chair gets its movement from the metal frame.  With the same seat as the glider, it will be very comfortable with the motion for longer sitting.

It will come with a white frame and red seating area.  The chair is 27.75 inches wide, 21.5 inches deep and 35.5 inches tall.  It will hold 250 pounds of weight at a time.


Assembly of your retro chair


The chairs are a lot easier to assemble than the glider.  Attach lower seat to the upper seat with four bolts and nuts.  Attache each arm assembly to the back bottom brace.  Attache the seat to this assembly.  A cross brace is then attached to the bottom front of the seat.  Take care in this last step as some stated that they bent the seat portion getting this piece in properly.


Mainstays retro metal patio bistro setMainstays Retro C-Spring 3-Piece Metal Outdoor Bistro, Red, Seats 2

Price was under $125 when article was written

What you get in the box


You will get the two of the same chairs as above and a small table.  This set is listed as a bistro set, I think the table is too low to eat off of.  I would think this would be more like some of the chat sets available today.

The chairs will be the same as the chair above in size and weight capacity.

The top of the table is big at 24 inches across, the height is only around 18 inches.  Most bistro tables are around 24 inches or so tall.  For true bistro sets see my article here.

Mainstays retro metal table legs assemblyAssembly of your bistro set


As stated above the chairs are the same as the regular metal chairs, so assembly will be the same.

The table has two four sided bolts that go in the middle of the legs.  A pair of nuts will attach each leg to the bolts.  The leg assembly is then attached to the bottom of the table.

Like I stated before this table is not the height of a true bistro set, it will work great for a chat set on a small patio or balcony.  If you have old world stuff on the inside of your home these pieces will work great in your outside space.



Retro style is timeless

Mild soap and water cleanup

Lightweight and easy to move



Assembly is somewhat difficult for most

Some had to buy longer bolts for the glider seats

Bistro table is too low to eat a meal off of

To get this retro furniture for your outdoor space, click the following link

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My take on this collection


If you are looking for retro metal patio furniture for your outdoor space, the price and look of the Mainstays retro collection from will fit nicely.  The big draw back to this set is the assembly of the glider, it takes time and some state the hardware is not the right size.  The comfort level of this collection is from the movement of the seating pieces, not the comfort for your butt.

I think for the price that you cannot go to a tag sale or flea market and get this style of furniture for any where near this option.  If retro patio furniture is for you, this collection is the way to go.

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