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Carter Hills patio furniture


If you are looking to improve your medium to large outdoor space with some items, look at the Carter Hills patio furniture collection for items that will match.  From sitting, dining or just relaxing around a fire, this collection has something for everyone.  I will look at each set and individual piece and give you the details.

Having a lot of space will allow you to have a sitting and dining area in your outside.  With this collection you will be able to match the decor from area to area.  Having a gas fire pit will allow you to use this furniture on a composite or wooden deck without protection.

Now lets look together and see what is available.

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Carter Hills seating for 55 seat conversation set


If you are looking for seating for five, start with this conversation set.  The 3 seat sofa and the two chairs will provide comfortable seating for extended periods of time.  The dark brown powder coated steel frames will be very sturdy, cushions come in a tan or red color.  The coffee table with the slate top will hold your drinks while you use your hands for conversation.

The sofa is 78 inches between armrest, giving room for three average size butts, it will support 675 pounds.  The chairs are 25 inches wide at the seat and will support 225 pounds each.  The table is 40 inches long, 20 inches wide and 19 inches tall.

The cushions are made from an Olefin and Polyester material, with a polyester fill.  The seat cushion is 25.5 inches deep, 24.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches thick.  The back cushion is 24 inches wide, 21 inches tall and 5 inches thick.  The two throw pillows are 15.5 inches square and 5.5 inches thick.

Will come in one large box and will require some assembly.  If you have a 12 x 12 foot outside area or larger, this conversation set will work well.

Carter Hills seating for 77 piece sectional sofa set


This conversation set is designed for larger outdoor areas.  It is a sectional set as the pieces will be able to be moved into any design that fits your needs.  You do not have to connect any of the pieces, you can spread out your seating in any design.

Two end chairs have one arm on alternating sides for end pieces.  Two middle chairs do not have any arms.  A corner chair is designed for seating for one and to connect the other chairs.  8 clamps are included to connect chairs together to prevent falling between when sitting close to the connections.  Two ottomans add seating or you can use them to prop your feet up.  Each chair supports 200 pounds.

Chairs and cushions have the same measurements as the 5 seat conversation set.  The ottomans are 24 inches square and 11.5 inches tall without the 5.5 inch tall cushion.

Will come in one large box and require assembly.  This conversation set will be great for large outdoor areas and can be changed in design when needed.

Carter Hills Chat Set3 piece chat set


Same style as the other sets, Chairs are different in size and they have a forward and back motion, not quite a rocking motion.  The side table will add a place for your drink or a good book to read.

The chairs are a little wider at 25.5 inches.  The side table is 20.25 inches square and 21.5 inches tall.

Cushions will come in three colors, the tan, red and a blue, the blue will come with white powder coated frames.  The cushions are 6.5 inches thick on the seat and 5 inches thick on the back.

Will come in one large box and require some assembly.  This set will be a great addition to any of the other sets or be a stand alone set for a small patio or balcony.

Carter Hills Bistro set3 piece bistro set


Having a small patio or balcony and need a bistro set with style, this set with two swivel rockers and bistro table will work well.  The set is made of the same steel frames and cushions.  Cushions will come in tan or maroon.

Chairs have a sitting area 20.5 inches inside the arms and will support 225 pounds each.  The table is 28 inches square and 28.25 inches tall with a slat design in the top.

Cushions are only in the seating area and are 3.5 inches thick.  Lumbar pillows in a floral design are 17.5 inches long, 10 inches tall and 4.5 inches thick.

This set will be a great addition to any of the seating sets for additional seating or dining.  Great for small areas like an 8 x 8 deck, like the builders grade deck you get with a new home.


Carter Hills Dining for 67 piece dining set


Have a large space and need dining for 6.  This set will work well with two swivel rockers, four straight back chairs and a large dining table.  Cushions are available in tan or maroon in color.

Table is large at 72.25 inches long, 40.25 inches wide and 29 inches tall.  The slat top design will match other tables in this collection.  A hole in the middle of the table top and the frame will support an umbrella for shade.

Each chair will have a seat that is 18 inches wide between the arms and will support 225 pounds.  The seat cushions are 3.5 inches thick.  Floral designed lumbar cushions are  17.5 inches long,10 inches tall and 4.5 inches thick.

For formal dining in your larger outdoor area this set will work great.  Having a 12 x 12 deck will be needed for proper spacing for this set.

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Carter Hills chaise loungeChaise lounge


Looking to add a lounger for this collection, having someplace to lay down or just sit with your feet up with a good book, This lounge will work.  The cushions will come in tan or maroon.

Wheels on the end will help you move to another location if you are chasing shade during the day for comfort or sun for a tan.  Arms on the back will give you 4 positions to adjust too.

With almost 24 inches between the arms and 67 inches on total length it will comfortable for all but the taller person.  It will support 225 pounds.

Cushion is 4.5 inches thick.  The stripped lumbar pillow is 17.5 inches long,10 inches tall and 4.5 inches thick.

For added seating that will give you a place to catch a nap or read a good book with your favorite adult beverage in a small space, this lounger will work well.

Carter Hills Love Seat2 seat love seat


Looking to add seating for two or you have a small garden area that could use some seating, this love seat will work well.  The cushions will come in three colors, tan, maroon with floral lumbar pillow and blue,with matching blue and white lumbar pillows.  The blue cushions will come with a white powder coated frame.

The seating area is 42 inches between the arms, plenty of room for two butts as long as they do not exceed 450 pounds.

The cushions are 3.5 inches thick for comfort and the lumbar pillows are the same size as the others in this collection.

For a nook or just a place to sit on a path, this love seat will be a great addition to other sets in this collection.

Carter Hills serving cartServing cart


For those with an outdoor kitchen, the powder coated steel serving cart will be a great addition.  It will also work for those times when you need to chill and have drinks available for you guest without having to serve them all the time.

The two large wheels will give stability and the smaller swivel wheels will let you guide your cart to its destination with ease.

The cart is 29 inches long, 26 inches wide, 34 inches tall and will weigh 36 pounds.  With two shelves for your food and drinks, you could put by a table or conversation area for self serving.  A proper sized cooler on the bottom shelf will allow you to keep your favorite adult beverage cool and available for your guest.

Carter Hills gas fire pitGas Fire Pit


Gas fire pits will allow you to have a center piece in your outdoor space.  Everyone sitting around the fire pit after dark with their favorite adult beverage and telling tall tails.  I use mine for when we want to gather the neighbors over for a night out.  For more information on the Carter Hills gas fire pit see my full article here.

This fire pit is 57 inches long and is powered by a 20 pound propane tank.  Just light it and you will not have to maintain it during the evening like a wood burner. You can also use it on a composite or wooden deck without protection.  See my article here on the protection needed for a wood fire pit.

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My take on this collection


If you have a small or larger outdoor space, the Carter Hills patio furniture collection will have a product for you.  From the simple lounger to the full sectional seating set, you could make your outdoor space an extension of you homes living space.  Add an outdoor kitchen and you will never have to go inside except in bad weather.

I hope that you have found some useful information in this article.  If you have any questions, comments or have an idea for further items, please use the forms below.  Don't be afraid of sharing this information on your social networks if your found it helpful.

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