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We will look at several styles of outdoor plastic storage cabinets.  They will come in several styles and colors that will match your outdoor space decor.  Different things that need storage will require a different type of storage container. These resin cabinets can withstand the sun and most weather happenings without your stuff getting faded or wet.

Resin vertical storage

Vertical storage box

Vertical storage cabinets

The advantage of a vertical storage cabinets is that it is more like a stand up refrigerator.  It will have two doors that will open and most will have several shelves on the inside.  This type of cabinet will be good for storing some of your small stuff like table ware, small yard decorations, watering items, towels and other small items that can be separated on the shelves.

The vertical storage cabinets will vary from a small side table size to some as big as a small shed.  Some of the bigger shed size cabinets can hold quite a bit of your yard stuff. Rakes and shovels can be stored in the bigger cabinets.

resin storage cabinetSome of these types of cabinets will have some options not available on the chest type. One of these options is having wheels for mobility.  This will let you move the cabinet even if it has you stuff in it.  Mine has a lock on the wheels that turn so that if it is on a unlevel surface it will not roll.

resin storage cabinetAnother option the vertical cabinet can have is the ability to be locked.  Some will have a hole in each door that will match only when the door is closed for a padlock to fit.

Smaller cabinets will have space to have a lamp or other accessory on the top.  Some of the side table cabinets blend in just like an end table.

Patio deck box seat

Deck box seating

Horizontal storage cabinets

This is more like a chest freezer.  A lot of resin benches will have the seat that will open to let you store your goods underneath.  These type will also be good for additional seating. They make cushions just for storage benches so you can change the decor with the seasons if you wish.  

You have a lid that opens and you can just dump your stuff in.  This type will be good for storing your cushions from your furniture as they will lay flat inside.  If you store too much small stuff, you will always be digging around to find what you need just like the chest freezer when you are looking for that bag of frozen peas for supper.

The horizontal cabinet can be purchased to match your decor as a side table or a bench.  Unlike the vertical cabinet, you have to move the stuff on the top to get into your storage area.

Outdoor storage benchConclusion

In my comparison of the two major types of outdoor plastic storage cabinets, I referred to them like refrigerators and freezers.  There is an advantage to both types and some people will love to have the chest type for larger items.  I prefer the vertical type for smaller items, as you seem to be able to see more of your stuff and the shelves can help separate your stuff. If you are looking for storage for just your cushions and table decorations a horizontal cabinet would be better.

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