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Large Patio Umbrellas with Cantilever


The Large Patio Umbrellas with Cantilever will be for the person that has a lot of room and can weigh down the base of this Umbrella,  This style of Umbrella does not have the same support as a regular table umbrella.  The base is made to put additional weight to keep the umbrella steady.  Some will have built-in slots to have patio stones installed, some will tell you to put sandbags on the legs.  I prefer the patio stones as they are more pleasing to the eye.  If you are not going to move your Umbrella, you can have it permanently installed with bolts or concrete.  The base will have to have something to keep it secured to the ground when opened.

The good part of this type of shade is that the table will not have anything on it to keep you from seeing the person across from you.  You can also use this type of shade for a seating area with a sofa and end tables, it is not just for dining.  Put the base behind the sofa and open it when needed.

Now let us look at the different options available.  For some of my other shade options see my post here.


Large Patio Umbrellas with Cantilever-Jordan 10 ft Offset Umbrella GreenJordan Manufacturing 10′ Offset Umbrella


The Jordan Offset Umbrella is made with a black steel frame and polyester shade.  The shade will raise and lower with an arm on the main pole.  Four concrete blocks will need to be purchased for weight to hold the Umbrella in place or it will have to be secured to a solid surface.

The shade will come in ten colors(royal blue, natural, green, red, khaki, navy, olive, orange, and yellow).  The shade will be 10 foot wide and 9 foot tall at the top of the frame.

This Umbrella does not tilt.  Some minor assembly will be required before use.  Weighs about 33 pounds, it is easy to move from one location to another if not bolted down.  Cleaning with mild soap and water is all that is need for the upkeep of your Umbrella.

Large Patio Umbrellas with Cantilever-10 foot Deluxe Offset Umbrella10′ Deluxe Polyester Offset Patio Umbrella


The Deluxe Offset Umbrella has a polyester shade that comes in seven colors (tan, light green, black, dark green, beige, red, and blue).  The opening angle of this umbrella can be adjusted with the easy operating crank with a locking lever, which does not tilt.

Need to make sure that you have the base secured with weight or bolted to the surface.  Slight wind will make this Umbrella very unstable without the proper base.

Total height will be about 8 feet, so a 6-foot person can still walk under it.  The frame is made from steel with a coated paint.

Trademark Innovations 10′ Hanging Offset Patio Umbrella


Large Patio Umbrellas with Cantilever-Trademark Offset Umbrella

The fabric for the shade is made from a 200g polyester material, one of the heaviest on this page.  The shade only comes in a tan color.  The height of the shade can be adjusted by a lock lever when cranking it opened or closed. It does not tilt.

The frame is made from aluminum and has a steel base and ribs.  The easy assembly will have you ready for shade in less than 10 minutes.

The base is made to have patio stones put in it for weight.  If this umbrella is not weighted properly it will tilt in very little wind.


Large Patio Umbrellas with Cantilever-Mainstays Offset UmbrellaMainstays 10′ Push-Up Off-Set Umbrella, Tan


This Umbrella uses a push-up method for opening.  It has a steel frame that is powder-coated to protect from the outdoor weather. The Shade only comes in a tan color. The shade material is made to resist fading.  The shade does not tilt.

The cross-type base is predrilled for attaching to a solid surface.  If you wish to use patio stones the base is made with a lip to sit them on.

The Umbrella will be a little over 8 feet tall and will weigh 43 pounds without the counterweight.


Large Patio Umbrellas with Cantilever-Coolaroo 10 foot Offset UmbrellaCoolaroo 10 ‘ Round Aluminum Cantilever Umbrella


The knitted and breathable fabric separates the Coolaroo from the rest.  It provides a 90{96f33b858e93d952285e8b3613cda120f6f3c7bc4d8324032c36c2b960be5b97} UV block and is mold and mildew resistant.  The shade comes in three colors(natural, terra cotta, and mocha).

The arm will raise and lower the shade with a crank.  The aluminum frame is built with sections to accept patio stones (must be purchased separately) for weight to control the fixture during windy days.

Umbrella is almost 9 feet tall when opened.  It does not tilt as sun moves.  It weighs about 43 pounds without the counterweight.



Where to find more information on an Outdoor Offset Umbrella




I do like the size of the Large Patio Umbrellas with Offset shade.  The largest problem is in securing the base to a solid surface.  This can be done in a number of ways, it is the most important step in enjoying your umbrella.  Using patio stones is the easiest to move and relocate.  Having it bolted to a deck or concrete structure is a more permanent installation.  Sandbags are another option, it does look bad for your guest.

Having a choice on what materials, type of operation, and colors are just some of the options for each of these Umbrellas.  For those who can use a smaller market umbrella, see my post here.

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