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Aluminum Patio Furniture



When looking for modern aluminum patio furniture, the Better Homes and Garden Bailey Ridge collection has an upscale look.  The dark brown aluminum frames are powder coated for extra protection and that great finished look.  The tan cushions with the built in head rest will give that relaxed executive look.

Tables will have a tempered glass tops that will resist breakage unless they are abused.  The chairs of the dining sets both swivel and rock, the seating chairs are stationary.  If you want extra seating for comfort, combining a seating set with a dining set can give you swivel rockers for your seating area.

Now lets see what each set will include and let you decide what works best for you.

Better Homes and Garden Bailey Ridge bistro setBetter Homes and Gardens Bailey Ridge Bistro Set


Price when article was written: $ 229

This set is not for the small patio or balcony, you will need more space because of the larger chairs and their mobility.  The swivel rockers will combine with the table to give you that small dining for two.

The table is 30 inches across and 27.75 inches tall.  It has a smoked tempered glass top, you can see through it.  The glass top is an insert, if it is broken, the glass can be replaced without replacing the whole top.  Assembly will take turning the top upside down, attaching the four legs, then attaching the center support.  Put upright on legs then tighten all bolts, insert glass top.  Table weighs about 25 pounds, making it easy to move.

The chairs are 29 inches deep, 24 inches wide and 34 inches tall.  The seating area is 22 inches deep, 21 inches wide and 14.5 inches off the surface.  They will support 300 pounds each, about 50 more than most standard patio chairs.  Cushions are supported by plastic straps.

Assembly of the chairs will take attaching the rocking bracket with swivel post to the seat bottom, then put the swivel post into the base and add cushions.

Cushions are made fro an Olefin fabric that is made to withstand 800 hours of sunlight without fading.  I would always store cushions when not needed for any length of time to prolong their outdoor life. See some of my storage ideas here.

This bistro set is great for a larger than 6 foot square outdoor area.  The modern upscale design will be give you a great look for your outdoor space.

Better Homes and Garden Bailey Ridge diining setBetter Homes and Gardens Bailey Ridge Dining Set


Price when article was written: $ 599

Designed with the same swivel rockers of the bistro set, the dining set will have a larger table with a designer base.  The table base will act as a umbrella base if filled with a sand media, it must be filled during assembly. The design of the table will add to this showpiece set.  This set has four of the same chairs found in the bistro set.

The table is 48 inches across and 27.5 inches tall.  It will have four sections of tempered glass inserts in the top.  These will not be square and will cost to replace because of the shape.  The top has a hole for a umbrella and will not require the extra expense of a umbrella stand.

Assembly of the table will require to fill the base with about 50 pounds sand media for stability for the umbrella, it is not recommended to use water.  A center rod will connect the upper and lower base parts.  The top rim is one piece and will attach to the top of the base, then insert the four glass pieces.  It is recommended to use two people when assembling this table.

Chairs and cushions are the same as the bistro set above and the chairs will assemble the same.

The advantage of an aluminum frame and built in umbrella stand makes this set very nice for any outdoor space.  Some customers complained that the finish on the base did not hold up very well, make sure that you do not use any harsh chemicals to clean you table with.  Only use a mild soap and water, using a glass cleaner on the top can ruin you paint on the base.

This set will come in two large boxes that will require a large SUV or pickup.  The table box is 50 inches long, 4 inches thick and 51 inches long, it will weigh 76 pounds.  The chair box is 55 inches long, 44 inches thick and 25 inches high, it will weigh over 104 pounds.

Better Homes and Garden Bailey Ridge conversation setBetter Homes and Gardens Bailey Ridge Conversation Set


Price when article was written: $499

This matching conversation set will have a love seat, two standard chairs and a coffee table.  The coffee table will have the same smoked tempered glass top insert.  The cushions will not have the head rest that the dining chairs have.

Table is 37 inches long, 19 inches wide and 18.25 inches tall.  The center of the table matches the design of the dining table, it has a hole, it will not support an umbrella.  Assembly will require turning the top upside down, attaching the four legs then attache the square center support.  Do the final tightening of the legs when the table is sitting upright. insert the four glass parts into the top.

The glass is not square and will have to be cut for replacement, it will also be hard to match the tint of this glass. You may have to replace all four parts if you break one piece.

The love seat is 31.5 inches deep, 47.5 inches wide and 34.25 inches tall.  No assembly is required, just add cushions.  Love seat will support 600 pounds.

The chairs are 31.50 inches deep, 25.5 inches wide and 34.25 inches tall.  No assemble will be needed here either.  Chairs will support 300 pounds each.

Cushions are made with the same Olefin material that last very well in outdoor environments.  Cushions are about 22.5 inches square and are 13.5 inches above the surface.

If you have either dining set, you will need this conversation set if you have a large outdoor area.  You can use the swivel rockers from the dining sets for additional seating when relaxing with family and friends.

Better Homes and Garden Bailey Ridge chaise loungeBetter Homes and Gardens Bailey Ridge Chaise


Price when article was written: $169.99

For that relaxing lounger around the pool or any outdoor area, this chaise will give you hours of comfort.  With five positions for adjusting the back angle, you can find one just for you.  The pillow top will give you comfort for hours of reading or just sunning yourself.  The lightweight, about 20 pounds without cushions, will allow you to move this lounger to chaise the sun or shade, depending on your reason for being outside.

The chaise is  64 inches long, 25.5 inches wide and the lower portion is 13.5 inches above the ground level.  It will support 300 pounds of weight.  Assembly will require you to attach the arms with legs to the base, add cushions.

Does not have wheels to help move when you chaise the sun or shade.  The light weight will help you move this lounger.


Light weight aluminum frames will never rust

Easy to assemble

Olefin cushion material will last many hours in the outdoor environment


Careful not to use any harsh chemicals to clean as it will damage the finish

No swivel rockers with the conversation set

Glass tops will have to be made if broken

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When you are looking for furniture for your outdoor space, the Bailey Ridge aluminum patio furniture from will make your outdoor area have a high end look without the high price.  From a bistro set to a conversation set, you will find a variety of sets available.

Cushions with this set have an 800 hour durability in the outdoor elements, I would still store if not in use to extend their outdoor life.

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