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About Solar Security Light With Motion Sensor


 In this post we will talk about Solar Security Light With Motion Sensor and what it can do for you around your home.  These lights will have a remote Solar Panel connected to a fixture that houses a battery pack, motion sensor and the light fixture.

The real beauty of this type of fixture is the ability to be mounted in a remote location without any electric.  The Motion sensor will allow the light to remain off until needed to conserve battery life.


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Home locations: Doorways, pathways, garages, porches, fences, decks, sheds, driveways, carports, front or back yards.

Office locations: Hallways, storage units, entrances, walkways, parking areas.

Remote Camping locations, the remote Solar Panel can be mounted in a location that gets light during the day and you can light up your campsite for up to 4 hours without any electricity.

What makes this Fixture Tick

The Solar Panel will be connected to the main light with an 15 foot electrical cord.  Installing the Solar Panel in an area that gets plenty of sun during the day will make sure this fixture even if mounted in a shady area will give plenty of light when needed.  


How Does the Photo Cell Work

Solar Panel and Wire for Security LightThe Photo Cell is the heart of this system.  It captures the suns rays and converts it to an electric current that charges a Rechargeable Battery for your lights to work at night.  

There are two types of Solar Panels in use-the Amorphous and the Crystalline.  This set of lights use the Amorphous type.  This type can produce more power with less total sunshine.  It still will not produce a charge if in a shady spot, it just produces more power when the clouds are in the way. For a security light it is important to get as much as you can during the day for your security needs at night.

When the solar panel collects the heat from the sun, electrons start to move.  The higher the sun content the faster they move.  When things move they create electricity by moving in an electric field.  They are guided in the direction they move to make the current to charge your battery.


Motion sensor for Solar Security lightsWhy a Motion Sensor for Security

Motion sensors will detect motion up to 25 feet from the fixture at night. Most will have several adjustments for how long the light will stay on to how sensitive it will be to motion in the area, this is important if you have a lot of little creatures in your outdoor space.

The use of a motion sensor will allow you to have light when you need it, like when you come home late at night and you do not have any other outside lighting.

Now lets look at a couple of these types of Security Lights

Maxsa 40224 Solar Security LightMaxsa Innovations 40224 50 LED Solar Security Motion Flood Light


This is an off White single fixture with 50 LED lights to provide security lighting for your outside area.  The fixture has a motion sensor on the bottom so you can adjust the angle to pic up movement.

The 6 inch square Solar Panel is connected with a 15 foot cord so it can be place in a location for the best sunlight capture. Power cords in 15 foot lengths can be purchased to extend this length.  It is not recommended to use more than 45 foot of cord.  The output of this solar panel is 10 volts DC 100mAh when it captures the brightest direct sunshine.

This type of fixture will give you the ability to have the light in a location that you need without having to connect to an electrical source.  The rechargeable 6 volt 4 Ah sealed Lead Acid battery will allow for about 240 minutes or 4 hours of full illumination at night.

A Motion detector with adjustments for 10 to 40 foot of range for detecting motion, a timer for the light to stay on for 10 to 60 seconds after motion is detected, a dial to determine how dark it has to be before the light will come on-Moon for darker-Sun for brighter.


Maxsa 44416 Solar Securtiy FixtureMaxsa Innovations 44418 or 44416 Motion-Activated Dual-Head Solar LED Spotlight, White or Dark Bronze


If you are looking for a fixture that can light up more than one direction, this is the one you are looking for.  With two heads that are both adjustable and the motion sensor on the bottom, you can light up a path any where on your property.

The 495 total light of these two LED bulbs is enough to light a large area.  The motion sensor will have your lights on after dark as soon as motion is within 30 feet.  The sensor on this fixture is not adjustable like the above fixture.  A photo sensor is used to prevent the light from working during daylight hours.

It has the same type of Solar Panel and Battery as the fixture above.  It has a 15 foot power cord for connecting the Solar Panel to the fixture.  It comes in two colors Dark Bronze or White and you can also add two more 15 foot extensions to the power cord.




Use this link for more information on your Solar Security Lighting Needs

Now that you know a little About Solar Security Light With Motion Sensor and how they work, maybe one of these two fixtures will work for you.  One can only point in one direction and is very flexible in the sensor adjustments.   The other you can point in two different directions and light up a path, the sensor does not adjust.  Hopefully one of these fixtures will work for your outdoor security needs.

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