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Outdoor Conversation Furniture



When looking at Outdoor Conversation Furniture, the Better Homes and Garden Carter Hills four piece set will sit five people comfortably.  With a coffee table, two chairs and a three seat sofa it will make a living room in your outdoor space.  Lets look at the details of this set and see if it will work for you.

Product:Better Homes and Garden Carter Hills four piece set

Price at the time of article:$597

Where to purchase at the best



Carter Hills Sofa with Pillows

Three seat Sofa with two Pillows


The sofa will seat three people.  It has a black finished steel frame with steel slats on the seating area to support the cushions.  The cushions can be turned over and do not have any straps to hold them in place.

The sofa is 77.5 inches wide outside the arms and 71.5 inches inside enough room for three average sized butts, as long as they do not exceed 675 pounds total weight.  You will also find that you can lay down on this sofa if you are not over six feet tall and take a nap.  Seat depth is 24 inches and is 11 inches off the ground, this set does sit low to the ground.

The cushions for the bottom are 25.5 inches deep, 24.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches thick.  This makes for comfortable sitting or lounging. The back cushions are 24 inches wide, 21 inches tall and 5 inches thick.




Carter Hills Sofa Pillow



You will have two decorative pillows for the sofa.  The multicolored design will fit most decors.  They are 15.5 inches square and 5.5 inches thick in the middle.  If you lay down to nap you do not have to go find something to lay your head on, it is already on the sofa.


Carter Hill Chair

Two Chairs


Each chair will have the same designed black finished steel frame as the sofa.  It will have steel straps in the seating area to support the cushions.

Each chair is 31.5 inches deep, 32.5 inches wide outside the arms, 25 inches wide inside the arms, more than the average butt and 33.5 inches tall.  Each chair will support 225 pounds.

The cushions for the bottom are 25.5 inches deep, 24.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches thick.  The back cushions are 24 inches wide,, 21 inches tall and 5 inches thick.



Carter Hills Coffee Table

Coffee Table


The coffee table is made of the same black finished steel as the seating furniture.  The rectangle out line of the top will have slates running the length of the table. It will have four square legs.

The table will be 40 inches long, 22 inches deep and 19 inches tall.




Carter Hills Bare Chair



The single box will be about 74 inches long, 27 inches deep and 30 inches high.  It will weigh about 163 pounds.  Delivery is available or if you want to pick up you will need a  larger vehicle to hall this home and some assistance to move it around to your assembly area.  At least a mid sized SUV is recommended for getting your set home.  Assembly time can be as little as 1/2 hour to longer, depending on your skills.

Sofa and Chair frames will consist of four major parts.  The back, seat, left and right arms.  The table will have two major parts, the top and four legs.  You will get two of the same Allen wrenches in the hardware kit for assembly, all assembly hardware is included.

Putting together the chairs is easy for one person, attach, without tightening, the back and seat to one arm.  Then attach the other arm loosely.  When you have the chair on a flat solid surface you can tighten the screws, this will give you the best balance for your chairs.

The sofa is a little harder to put together by yourself.  You may need a volunteer to help hold the parts as you put in the screws.  Other than the extra hand the sofa goes together the same as the chairs.

The table has three screws holding each leg.  As with the other pieces, do not tighten the screws until the table is sitting upright on a solid surface.



When the cushions are wet, you should stand them on end to let them drain.  Only use a mild soap and water to clean you Conversation set.

If your set is outside in the sun all the time, I would get a all weather cover or outside storage container for the cushions.  They will last longer if not out in the weather full time.



Easy to assemble with two people

Can lay down on sofa

Thick cushions are comfortable



Cushions do not have ties to hold to furniture

Must follow directions closely on assembly, may not sit flat on floor if you tighten the screws too soon

One big box at 163 pounds, need help when loading and unloading

Carter Hills four piece Conversation Set-Burgandy

Carter Hills Conversation Set also comes in Burgandy




Where to find the best price on Your Better Homes and Garden Carter Hills four piece set



This Outdoor Conversation Furniture will be a perfect set to turn your patio into an outside retreat.  You could set five people around your outdoor space with ease.  This set will be very comfortable to sit or take a np on the sofa.  It will be easy to assemble, getting the one heavy box home may be a problem for some.

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