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Patio Fire Pit Designs


When looking at different Patio Fire Pit Designs, several things need to be considered.  How big is the space that you are trying to heat, what is your area that you are using to set it on?  Do you want to burn wood or cook with charcoal?  How much heat do you need to produce?

These types of questions will be answered for each of the fire pits in this article. You will get a better understanding of what kinds of things to look for in your next fire pit.

Wood burning fire pits are not made to be used on wood, composite decks, too close to a structure, or in grassy areas, they are a fire hazard in these areas.  A friend of mine melted his vinyl siding by having his fire pit too close to the house.  If you are looking to heat an area like this, look at my articles on gas burning fire pits here.

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Now let us look at my information.


Patio Fire Pit Designs-Owen Park 28-inch roundMainstays Owen Park 28 inch Round Wood Burning Fire Pit


Price when this article was written: $42


Looking for a simple and stylish fire pit, the steel frame will be finished in an Antique Bronze. Nothing fancy just a fire bowl with four curved decorative legs for support.  It will need to be stored inside or use the included cover to protect your fire pit from the outdoor weather conditions.

The outside dimensions are 28 inches across and 19.75 inches tall to the top of the mesh screen.  This fire pit has a mesh top, wood grate, cooking grill, and long forked poker to lift the lid when hot.  The fire pit only weighs 11 pounds empty, when cool it will be easy to move.

It is not recommended to burn anything except firewood for your safety. Does provide a little heat and you can cook simple things like hot dogs and Marshmallows.


  • Cheap price
  • Poly cover included
  • Lightweight, easy to move


  • May rust if left outside without cover
  • Can only burn wood
  • Shallow burn bowl, will not hold a lot of wood


Patio Fire Pit Designs-Dover 30 inch roundDover 30 inch Round Slate Fire Pit Table with Spark Screen


Price when this article was written: $94.64


The slate rim will give this fire pit a different look.  With two rows of tile around the edge and four solid-looking legs to support the fire bowl, it will fit in most outdoor patio decors.

The low profile mesh domed spark guard will keep your embers under control.  A forked poker is included to remove the spark guard and stir the wood.

The pit is 30 inches across and 19.7 inches tall with mesh cover or 13.5 inches tall without.  The fire bowl has a steel grate for the wood.  The fire bowl is 22 inches wide and 7 inches deep.

No cover is included, storing your fire pit out of the weather or purchasing a cover will be needed.


  • Great looking tile surround for fire bowl
  • Deep fire bowl-7 inches
  • Solid legs for support


  • Tile can be difficult to replace if broken
  • Can only burn wood in the fire bowl
  • No poly cover included, must store out of the weather


Patio Fire Pit Designs-BH&G round with a bowl coverBetter Homes and Gardens round with cover


Price when this article was written: $147


The deeper round fire pit will hold more wood and produce a bigger fire than the first two.  The four flat Antique Bronze steel legs support the fire bowl.  A high domed steel mesh fire spark guard will contain any embers that try to escape.

When no fire is needed a metal cover is included to cover the fire bowl to convert to a side table.  This fire pit can be left outside all year round and be used.

The bowl is 30 inches across and 24.5 inches tall.   The bowl is 8 inches deep for a large amount of firewood at one time for a hotter fire.  At 28 pounds empty, this fire pit will be easy to move when cool.

Comes with a nylon cover when not in use, will not have to be stored under a cover. No cooking grid included, Hot dogs and marshmallows will be the only thing you can cook with this fire pit.


  • Deep fire bowl-8 inches
  • Poly cover for storage
  • Cover for fire bow to convert to a side table


  • No cooking grate
  • Can rust if not covered or stored
  • Edges can get extremely hot when you have a fire


Patio Fire Pit Designs- Alhambra Fire PitAxxonn 32″ Alhambra Fire Pit with Cover


Price when this article was written: $78.99


This Matte Black Craftsman-style square fire pit will give you a different look for your patio area. The four corner legs are connected with ladder style side rails.  The 5-inch wide steel side rails have a faux-stone finish.  The square mesh fire screen can be lifted off with the forked poker.

This fire pit is 32 inches square and 16.5 inches tall.  The fire bowl is 22 inches across and 4.5 inches deep.  A wood grate is included, no provisions for cooking

A PVC coated cover will protect your fire pit from the weather.  Two small drain holes will let any water drain out if collected.  No cooking grate included with this fire pit.


  • Poly cover included for weather protection
  • Attractive styling
  • The faux-stone surround will not break


  • Shallow burn bowl-4.5 inches
  • No provisions for cooking
  • All Steel construction may rust if left out in the weather



Patio Fire Pit Designs- Rectangular Tile topAxxonn Granada Rectangular Tile-Top Fire Pit

Price when this article was written: $94.85

This rectangle fire pit is a bigger and better version of the one above.  The tile border will give you a small ledge surrounding the fire bowl to prevent burns.

The tiles come in sections of four each and if you need to replace one if it is broken it will be difficult to match.

The four curved steel legs are connected with a steel scrolled design with a bar on top and bottom.  You will have the best looking fire pit on the block.

The pit is 37 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 18 inches tall.  The fire bowl is 27 inches long by 18 wide and 4.5 inches deep.  It will be covered with a stylish mesh spark cover.

Comes with Log grate and forked poker.  No cooking grate or cover included.


  • Longer fire bowl
  • Great Craftsman design of the sides
  • The bigger size allows more chairs around it


  • Shallow burn bowl
  • No poly cover included
  • Tiles may be hard to replace if one is broken


Where to purchase your Fire Pit for the best price online



Fire Pit and Surface Safety


The surface that your fire pit sits on is very important.  If you are on a combustible(wood) or composite material, a barrier will be needed.  I recommend the use of the DeckProtect system.  Most Fire Pits get very hot on the bottom side, be very careful.  Make sure that you keep at least feet from vinyl siding, as the heat will distort or melt it.

Do not use any gasoline or other combustible materials to get your fire started, this will lead to a trip to the local hospital.

Do not leave a fire that is burning, even with the ember guard on.  The fall is when most people use their fire pits and this is when the most dried leaves on the ground, easy to start a fire that can get out of control quickly.

Be careful when small children are around, they do not know how much it will hurt if they fall into the embers or touch the side of a hot fire pit.

Some people will indulge in there favorite adult beverage, too much can lead to trouble around the fire and friends that will dare you to do something silly for YouTube or Facebook.




I hope that you have a better understanding of what to look for and what is available in Patio Fire Pit Designs.  Size and how big the fire bowl is very important.  Most of these will only be able to cook hot dogs and marshmallows, one does have a grate for cooking.  Having a design that works with your outdoor space is what is most important.

Any questions or comments use the form below and I will get back to you very shortly.

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