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Peaktop Concrete Fire PIts

When looking for an upscale way to heat your outdoor space, one of these Peaktop Concrete Fire Pits should work for you. They are different in design and type of fuel, I will outline the specs of each one to let you choose which one works best for you and your outdoor space.

Size and fuel are the most important things in your choice. One of these fire pits is a propane model with a remote tank. If you are looking for a wood burner, there are three great examples here.

Now let us take a quick look at the products in the following table.

Peaktop-36-inch-roundRound 36 inch Gas$$$$$Current Price
Peaktop tank storage tableGas tank storage table square$$Current Price
Peaktop round tank storage tableGas tank storage table round$$Current Price
Peaktop 30-inch round wood burnerRound 30-inch wood$$$Current Price
Peaktop concrete fire pitRound 21-inch wood$$Current Price
Peaktop 27-inch wood burnerRound 27-inch wood$$$Current Price

Now let us look at the details of each of these fire pits to see what works best for your heating and outdoor decor needs.

Peaktop – Outdoor 36 Inch Round Concrete Gas Fire Pit

Concrete Fire Pits-Peaktop-36-inch-round

The clean-burning gas fire pits have a place in a lot of outdoor spaces. The ease of operation and cleanup make it a great choice for homeowners.

This 36-inch model from the Peaktop collection will be great looking with its clean lines.

It will put out 50,000 BTU's of heat on the high setting. This will be enough to heat your guests on those cool nights.

The fire pit will be 36 inches across and 15 inches tall. It will weigh a hefty 100 pounds.

A 9-foot hose will connect this fire pit to a remote propane tank (not included). Purchasing one of the tank tables below will hide this tank and make it almost invisible to guests.

The clean-burning of the gas will leave little cleanup when the fire is over. Lava rocks will promote the heat for your enjoyment. Electronic ignition will get your fire started very quickly and without much fuss.


  • Clean burning Propane power
  • Smooth clean design
  • Electronic fire starter


  • Gas hose will be on the ground
  • Very heavy to move
  • Remote tank

Peaktop – 40inch Round Propane Gas Storage

Concrete Fire PIts-Peaktop round tank storage table

If you have a propane-powered fire pit and have a remote tank, hide it with a propane tank storage table. This round model will give your outdoor space a clean look over the look of a propane tank sitting on the floor.

This table will be 15.75 inches across and 24.5 inches tall. Big enough to hide a 20-pound propane tank under it.

Two handles will help when you need to lift the table to adjust the tank or replace it. The table will weigh only 25 pounds, light enough for one person to lift.

The concrete finish will handle most outdoor weather conditions very well without a lot of work.

This will be a great addition for families with smaller children, they will not be able to play with the controls on the tank.


  • Hides propane tank
  • Handles for lifting table
  • Lightweight concrete


  • Have to lift the table to adjust the tank valve
  • Need to unload tabletop to adjust tank valve

Peaktop – Outdoor 16″ Square Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit Storage

Concrete Fire PIts-Peaktop square tank storage table

Those looking at the clean lines of this square propane tank table will enjoy using it as a side table.

The lid lifts off to get access to the tank valve and to change the tank, you do not have to lift the whole table.

The table is 15.75 inches across and 24.5 inches tall. The same size as the round model, your choice is the style and how to adjust the tank valve.

It will weigh 29 pounds and be easy to move with the handholes when needed.

This will be a great choice for families with smaller children as they will not be able to play with the tank controls.

You can use this table all year round and the concrete finish will last very well in most outdoor weather conditions.


  • Clean square lines
  • Lid to adjust tank valve
  • Handles to move table


  • Have to clean off tabletop to adjust the tank valve
  • Would be hard to store when not needed in outdoor space

Peaktop – Outdoor 30 Inch Round Wood Burning Fire Pit

Concrete Fire PIts-Peaktop 30-inch round wood burner

This is the largest of the three wood burners. It will include a grill for cooking simple items.

A fire poker will allow the movement of wood and removal of the spark screen when needed.

Wood and Charcoal are the recommended fuel sources for this fire pit. Cooking with charcoal is much easier than with wood, as moving or adding wood with the cooking grate is not easy.

The fire pit is 30 inches across and 23 inches tall with the mesh screen installed. It will weigh 58.5 pounds without any fire media in the bowl.

The concrete finish will last very well in outdoor weather conditions.


  • Clean lines
  • Poker, cooking grate, and fire screen included
  • Can burn Charcoal


  • Need to tend the fire to keep burning even
  • Cleanup after the fire
  • Charcoal is a better fuel for cooking

Peaktop – Outdoor 21 Inch Round Concrete Wood Burning Fire Pit

Concrete Fire PIts-Peaktop 21-inch wood burner

The smallest wood burner can be used in most outdoor spaces. If you have a smaller space this will be a great clean-looking addition to your cool weather heating needs.

A steel base will keep the concrete bowl off the ground. A steel poker, spark screen, and cooking grate is included to help with your fire needs.

At only 21 inches across and 12 inches without the spark screen, it will fit in the smallest space. Only short wood will be able to fit in the fire bowl.

It will weigh only 34 pounds without any debris in the fire bowl. One person should be able to move this fire pit with ease.


  • Grill for cooking
  • Small size for smaller areas
  • Handholes for moving firepit


  • Small burn bowl
  • Cleanup after the fire
  • Need to tend firewood to keep even fire

Peaktop – Outdoor 27 Inch Round Intricate Design Wood Burning Fire Pit

Concrete Fire PIts-Peaktop 27-inch wood burner

If you are looking for more style than the clean lines of the other fire pits in this article, this one with the black steel stand and design on the side will do.

At 27 inches across and 23 inches tall with the mesh screen installed you can use the wood up to 18 inches long.

It will weigh 40 pounds empty and be easy to move with the handles on the top of the medal stand.

You can burn wood or charcoal in this fire pit. A grill will be included to cook simple meals, cooking with charcoal will be easier than with wood.

A poker and mesh screen will also be included in this fire pit. The combination of the steel stand and designer bowl will give your outdoor space a great look. The burning of wood will give a great smell and ambiance to you and your guests.


  • Steel stand to keep off ground
  • Design on the outer face
  • Poker and spark screen included


  • The stand may rust if damaged
  • Clean up after a fire
  • Better to cook with charcoal

My final thoughts on this collection of fire pits

When choosing the right Concrete Fire PIts for your outdoor heating needs, the Peaktop collection should be on your list. with one propane model and three different wood-burning models, one style should work for your outdoor heating needs.

I like the ability to cook on the wood burners with charcoal as fuel. This type of fuel does not require you to adjust like a wood fire. This will give you a dual-purpose fire pit that could be used with little or no additional work after getting it going, unlike a wood fire that requires constant work to keep burning evenly. For more ideas on wood-burning designs, see my post here.

The gas would be the cleanest burning if you do not want to mess with the cleanup after a fire. No ashes to clean or wood or charcoal to store. for more ideas for gas fire pits, see my post here.

I still like the smell of the wood-burning while sitting around a fire with friends and family. There is something about looking into the fire and feeling the warmth.

Any questions or comments, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.