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Outdoor Resin Wicker Loveseat


If you are looking for furniture for your patio with the style of wicker and will last for a very long time, read on. We will look at the outdoor resin wicker loveseat from the Keter company, in this article and give you the information that you will need to make an informed decision if this item is right for you.

The Keter company makes all kinds of stuff out of resin materials that are used in the outdoor environment.  The Corfu collection is one of these.  Other items that are available in this collection are chairs and coffee tables.

Keter Corfu outdoor resin wicker loveseat

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Product: Keter resin wicker love seat

Price when article was written: $129.99

Where to get for the best price online:


What do you get in the box


Keter Corfu outdoor resin wicker loveseat charcoalThe love seat will come in two resin wicker colors, brown and charcoal.  The brown is shown in most pictures here and is the current price point.  The charcoal color does cost more, please use links to find current pricing.

The seat is 50.5 inches wide, 28 inches deep and 31 inches tall.  The seat is 15.5 inches above the ground.  The manufacture states that it will hold almost 600 pounds of butt, that is a lot of butt.

Cushions are 21,inches wide, 19.5 inches deep and 2 inches thick.  Some customers state that the cushions could have a better feel for long term sitting.  If thicker cushions would be more comfortable for your back side, look at my information on some bench cushions in my article here.  Pillow or accessories do not come with this love seat.

The legs have a resin wicker skirt that covers the whole bottom of the bench.  Storage is only available if you are willing to pick up the whole love seat and place items under it before returning it to its feet.  Your items will not be out of the weather.  If you need a bench with storage under the seat, look at my information here.

Assembly and care of your love seat


Keter Corfu love seat sidesA lot of little parts are used in the assembly of this love seat.  The tools needed for assembly are included, a plastic wrench.  I will not go through every step here, the instructions are available on the Keter website if you do not have them.

Simple instructions are to connect the seat with the back portion for each side of the love seat.  Front skirts then attach to each seat section.  Attach each seat to an arm, make sure you have a right and left arm, one customer got two left arms.

Attach back skirt to each seat then attach the two sets together. Attach center support to the bottom of the seat.  Add feet to bottom for each leg.  There are lots of small parts that hold each assembly together, make sure that you are using the correct parts when needed.

Keter has an mixture that they recommend for cleaning.  Mix one cup of white vinegar with 5 to 7 quarts of water for cleaning.  This mixture can be used on any brand of resin furniture around your home.  Never clean your outdoor furniture with any harsh chemicals, this will damage the surface.



Made from recycled materials

Will hold up in most outdoor conditions

Light weight easy to move



Many small parts in assembly

No storage under seat

Some say cushions could be thicker


Keter Corfu outdoor resin wicker collection

To look at the complete Keter Corfu collection, click the following link

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Who will this love seat work for


If you are looking for a outdoor resin wicker loveseat for your patio or deck area, the Keter Corfu love seat will work well.  Some time and patience will be needed to get this piece together.  Some have stated that the cushions could be thicker, could have storage for items under the seat.  If these things do not bother you, this seat is for you.

I find that the resin wicker is very good furniture for any outdoor area, it will last for years without much care.

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