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Umbrella Stands for Outdoor Tables


When getting an umbrella for your outdoor space, you will need to look at Umbrella Stands for Outdoor Tables.  We will look at different styles and materials.  The stand will keep your umbrella in place during moderate wind storms. We will show you the  design of the stand that you choose can go with your decor and still do its job.

Outdoor Patio Umbrella Base

Blue Wave Classic Base

What to consider when looking at an Umbrella Base


The size of your umbrella matters.  Make sure the base is heavy enough to handle the size of the umbrella.  Look below for some ideas.

Please look at your diameter of the pole for your umbrella.  All poles are not the same size.  The worst thing you could do is get the base home and the wife tells you it will not fit.  If she is correct it will not be a good day.

Will you be using your umbrellas as a stand alone or with a table.  This will make a difference in the weight of the base.  The lighter weight base's will not handle an umbrella alone in a heavy wind.

Choosing the right size of the base


Up to a 17 pound base will handle a small (6 foot and under) umbrella with a table for support.

Up to a 30 pound base will handle a medium (6.5 foot and under) umbrella with a table for support.

Up to a 40 pound base will support a free standing umbrella up to 4.5 feet.  They can also handle a large (7.5 foot and under) umbrella with a table for support.

Up to a 50 pound base will support a free standing umbrella up to 7.5 feet.  They can also handle a extra large (9 foot and under) umbrella with a table for support.

Up to a 70 pound base will handle almost any free standing or table umbrella. They will be more difficult to move.

Blue Wave Classic Base


This umbrella base is cast iron and weighs in at 50 pounds. The Bronze finish will fit most outdoor decors. You will not have to add sand or water for a counter weight.  Any standard 1.65 inch umbrella will fit.  The base is 19.3 inches across.  This base has a taller stem , about 20.3 inches, will allow it to support a freestanding umbrella.  It has two support screws to hold the umbrella secure.  The  stem is two piece unit that screws into the base.  The bottom of the base has two small holes to let water drain out.

Outdoor Offset Water Filled Umbrella Base

Coolaroo Water Filled Base

Coolaroo Water filled Base


This base is made of plastic and filled with water to give it the weight it needs to hold a cantilever umbrella steady.  The black plastic base is 32.5 inches long, 7.8 inches high and 24.5 inches wide. It has a plug in the top that is removed to add or subtract water.  If you get it into place before adding water it only weighs 13 pounds.  The whole for the umbrella is 2.5 inches, this will allow for the base of the umbrella to go through.  Most offset or Cantilever umbrella's will have an X shaped base that can be bolted to a solid surface.  The Coolaroo base  has indents for this kind of support.  This water filled base eliminates the need for sandbags or concrete blocks to keep you larger umbrella from tipping in a strong wind.

Side note-if you use a little bleach in the water it will not grow algae or mold.  Should be emptied before the first freeze of the year.

Table umbrella Base

Mainstays Willow Springs Base

Mainstays Willow Springs Base


This base is made of solid steel tubing.  It can be purchased in a black or pewter corrosion resistant finish.  It weigh's 18.5 pounds, be 19 inches around and 18.5 inches tall.  The tube will take any table umbrella and has a screw to secure the umbrella to the stand.

Outdoor Table Umbrella Base

Paxton Place Base

Better Homes and Gardens Paxton Place Base


This base is made of cast iron.  It as a rust free black painted surface.  It weigh's 26 is 19.75 inches around and 11.75 inches tall.  It has one screw to secure the umbrella.  This base is made to use in combination with a table to help keep the umbrella from tipping in the wind.

Resin Umbrella Stand

Regency Resin Base

Regency Resin Base


This base is made of a Matte Black finished resin material.  It will not rust, therefore it will not stain the floor of the area it is on.  It is 16.5 inches across and 13.5 inches tall.  It has one screw to secure an umbrella post up to 2 inches in diameter.  At 17 pounds this base is one of the lightweight ones, it will not handle a big umbrella in the wind.

Steel Umbrella Base

Mainstays Lawson Ridge Base

Mainstays Lawson Ridge Base


This square designed base is made of steel with a black crinkle powder coated finish.  It is 18 inches across and almost 13 inches tall. Standard umbrella poles will fit in the tube secured with the single screw.  The top of the tube has removable inserts for the top for different sizes of poles.  The weight of this base is about 25 pounds.

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There is a lot to consider before just getting a base for your umbrella.  Be sure that you consider the size and if the umbrella will have a table for support.  If you have a base with water for weight, be sure to empty before winter as the freeze will crack your base.  Cast Iron or Steel base's can stain a deck or patio if not treated or painted regularly. Free standing umbrella's will require a heavier base.

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