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Most Durable Outdoor Furniture Material


We are going to look at some of the biggest factors when you are looking for the Most Durable Outdoor Furniture Material for your outdoor space. Several things should go into your decision before you get to a store. You need to answer the following questions to make sure that you will get the right material the first time.

Each person will have to think about the look that they want. Sometimes the design of the space will determine the material that you purchase. If you have a metal awning you may want a metal look in your furniture, same goes if you have a rich looking wooden Arbor, you may want some wooden furniture.

I will give you several ideas to ponder, when you think you have given it enough thought, you can start your search. Now lets start looking at some details.

Is Teak the Most Durable Outdoor Furniture MaterialHow much do you want to spend


This is going to be the biggest question before you head out to look at some patio furniture. The range of pricing will be very large. Cheap patio furniture can start under $100, expensive teak wood furniture can cost as much as a car.

I will list the types of materials in the order of expense, this way you can stop when you get to the high end of your budget, these prices are for the smallest and cheapest items available today, it is just for comparison.

  • Plastic-One of the cheapest patio furniture choices out in the market today, some chairs will go for under $20 each. If you do not mind replacing your furniture each year, this could be a good choice.
  • Treated wood-Not a lot of choices, will cost under $100 for individual pieces. Good for swings and picnic tables.
  • Wrought Iron-Lots of choices on seating or tables. Cost under $100 for individual pieces, sets start at under $150 for a bistro set. Have several tables and chairs of this material that has been outside for over ten years with little upkeep.  Will require cushions for long term sitting.
  • Mainstays Wesley Creek tall dining setAluminum framed with sling seating-Lots of choices- most pieces start close to $100, sets can be as low as under $200. Sometimes can be tricky to assemble as holes will not line up, can be used without cushions and be comfortable for long term sitting. I have several sets of chairs with this material.
  • Cast Iron-Not a lot of choices, mostly seating and dining. Bistro sets or benches can start under $200. Can be very decorative in design, can add a lot of character to your patio or outdoor space.
  • Cedar -Mostly swings and seating-Can get some swings under $300. Good for swings and table sets. Can get bulky if your have a large seating set. Will require cushions to be comfortable for an evening of sitting.
  • Metal framed Resin Wicker-Some pieces can start under $100, sets will start at $250 and go up according to the quality of the build. Lots of resin wicker designs today. Most are made of recycled materials. Can get in several colors as the resin can be dyed in production. Metal frames will need to be watched for rust.  Most of these pieces will come with cushions, they may be hard to replace when needed because of shape.
  • Teak wood or other hard woods-Some of the most expensive materials, a bench can start at over $500, I have seen some sets selling for over $5000. If you are looking for long-lasting patio furniture with little care, this would be your choice. Many designs are available, the choice material for those that do not care about the initial cost.

You notice that I did not include the information on if the seating had cushions or not. Most patio furniture will not come with cushions, you will have to add to the price.


Bistro set with wine rackHow much space do you have


The importance of this information is that some materials take up more space than others. The metal framed resin wicker or any type of wood will be more bulky than the plastic or metal pieces. The frames will take up a lot of space and if you have a balcony or small deck, you may not be able to get around your set or move it without some difficulty.

If you do not have any space limitations you can choose any material that fits your budget and taste.


Better Homes and Gardens Rose bistro setHow much time for upkeep of your patio furniture


Different materials will take a different maintenance schedule. I will look at the details of what it takes to keep each type of the best patio furniture material looking like new for you. This may help you determine how much time you want to spend taking care of your patio furniture.

  • Plastic-Just a rinse with the hose when it is soiled is all that it takes. Sun will take its toll on the plastic material over time and break it down. Can easily be broken, not a strong material.
  • Treated wood-Needs power washing every two years and then a sealant applied. Washing with hose will get rid of most debris. May warp or get splinters over time.
  • Wrought Iron-Gentle washing with the hose when dirty. Will need sanding and repainted when rust starts to appear. Salty environments will shorten wrought irons life greatly.
  • Azalea Ridge white resin wicker conversation setAluminum Framed sling seating-Use a mild soap and water, rinse with a hose. The Fastest drying material after a rain. Frames should never rust, salty or rainy environments will still corrode the material.
  • Cast Iron-Washing with a mild soap and water. Will need sanding and repaint when rust appears. My bench has broken off a couple of legs over it lifetime, had to weld them back on then repaint. Not very comfortable without cushions.
  • Cedar Wood-Wash stains off with a hose. Will need power washed and sealed every two years for a longer life and to keep the color. Slower to warp than treated wood and has fewer splinters.
  • Metal framed Resin Wicker-Wash with a mild soap and water mixture, rinse with hose. Do not use any harsh chemicals or glass cleaner, the powder coated frames will start to fade and rust. Resin wicker material can be re weaved if you need repairs.
  • Teak Wood-Do nothing if you like the rustic patina. If you want to keep rich color of the teak, you will have to power wash and seal with a special oil. Teak wood has been known to outlast its owners.


Wesley Creek UmbrellaAdditional items that you may need


Shade is very important if you are on the sunny side with your patio furniture.  You may need an umbrella, they come in many varieties today.

Lighting may be on your list if you use your outdoor space after dark.  Low voltage or solar lighting are the most popular if you are farther away from the main house.  Some umbrellas have solar lights included to combine a purchase.

Montlake patio furniture coversFurniture covers may be needed if you leave your patio furniture outside during the winter or for long periods of time during harsh weather.

Storage for smaller items and cushions may be on your list, some decorative storage solutions are available to help you with extending the life of you accessories.

Outdoor rugs to define your space.  If you want your outdoor space to remind you of your indoor decor, an outdoor rug will set your tone and give you some foot comfort.


My conclusion on Materials


Most people will make choices on what will be the Most Durable Outdoor Furniture Material for them without thinking about price or upkeep. They will say it looks good. Most patio furniture does look good, what qualities will you think will be most important to you. That is what will make a good choice for you.

I hope that you found this information helpful. If you have any additional thoughts or questions please use the forms below and I will get back to you.