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Simple House Staging Ideas


The best flippers that you see on TV today use furniture to make them have more visual value.  I will share some of my Simple House Staging Ideas to make any home that is for sale have a better look and feel to a perspective buyer.

To a person that is purchasing a home today, getting a good idea of what size patio furniture will fit in the space they are looking at will make them more willing to purchase than looking at an empty space.  Don't forget to stage your outside spaces.

None of these ideas will break the bank and can be used over in other homes for sale.  Sometimes a buyer will like the setup and want to purchase the furniture that is presented in the staging.

Now lets look at some of my ideas.

Mainstays Wesley Creek Bistro setBistro Sets for smaller spaces


If you have a builders grade deck or small balcony, a bistro set will fit well and give your guest a small outside dining area.  Most of these sets will include just two chairs and a small table.  You can get most of them for under $200, saving some money on your cost.

For small spaces this will give people a view of how they can use the space for themselves.  Often customers have trouble with small spaces and how you would use them.

For more information on some of my bistro set ideas, use this link.


Mainstays Wentworth conversation set Simple House Staging IdeasConversation sets for medium sized spaces


Conversation sets can be just two chairs, two ottomans and a side table for smaller areas or a full love seat with two chairs and a coffee table.

This would give a seating in the outdoor patio area for the future homeowners to use.  Having a simple conversation set will not cost over $300.  This cost will be a great investment for selling a home.

For more information on some of my simple conversation sets for under $300, use this link.


Mainstays Wesley Creek 7 piece dining setDining sets for larger areas


If you have a large enough area and are close the house, you could stage the area as another dining place.  Having seating for a large number of guest will work best for the buyer looking to entertain a lot.

Giving your buyers the outdoor dining room look should not cost an arm and a leg.  Some of these simple sets will cost lest than $250, not a lot for those setting a space for a sale.

For more information on dining sets for patio areas, use this link.


Rush Valley sectional setSofa sets for by the pool

Sofa sets are larger sets that could be used by a pool to help with big empty spaces.  Sectional pieces can be staged in many arrangements.  Having a big arbor or covered area will lend itself to having big sitting pieces to show the value of these spaces.

For more information on sofa sets, follow this link for my details.


Mainstays Wentworth conversation set with fire pitFire pits with seating for large areas in the middle of the yard


Having an area in the yard that could be used for a fire pit, add a seating area around the pit.  This type of set can fill in an empty space that just is a concrete slab or a bare spot.  This will give the look of a more expensive backyard.

Giving your customers the look of what a fire pit conversation set will look like in a big empty space may be a turning point on you sale.

For more information on conversation sets with a fire pit, look at my post here.

Pros to having an outside area staged

  • Shows buyer how the potential of the outdoor space
  • Shows what will fit in an area
  • Can use furniture in other homes for sale
  • Makes empty spaces look useable


Cons to staging your patio area

  • Cost of furniture
  • Having to move furniture from home to home
  • Upkeep on furniture

My final thoughts on Staging home


Using these Simple House Staging Ideas when you are trying to sell a home will help you sell a home faster and sometimes for more money.  If you are a real estate agent, flipper or just a home owner that is trying to sell a home, using patio furniture to stage a home will help with value.

If you are a flipper or in real estate, you can store your patio furniture between house sales or just use a staging company for your furniture.  You will have to look at the cost of storing or moving your patio furniture and compare it to the cost of a home stagger.  This one step may help your sales numbers.

Just remember when negotiating the price of the sale to include the cost of the furniture that you have used for staging.

Thanks for reading my article and if there are any comments or questions, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.


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