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Propane Gas Fire Pits for Outdoor


Looking for a focus feature for your patio, try one of these Propane Gas Fire Pits for Outdoor spaces, they will provide some heat and a conversation area.  We will look at several styles to see if one will fit your outdoor space.

Look at the advantages of a gas fire pit, turn on the gas and light, turns off without cool down or fighting burning embers, portable, gas tanks can be replaced in minutes, no tending the fire or adding wood.  One of these five Gas Fire Pits could work for your outdoor space, lets look at what I have for you to choose from.


blue-rhino-gas-fire-pitBlue Rhino LP Gas Outdoor Fireplace


This 30,000 BTU square fire pit will have a stone look on the table top with a wicker look on the sides.  The fire will come through the lava rocks.  The control panel and tank will be behind a door with a knob on one side.

The pit is 32 inches square and 27.5 inches tall.  It uses a regular 20 pound LP gas tank.

Easy to assemble, need to have a Phillips screwdriver.  Adjustable feet  to level unit.

To ignite just turn on the gas and turn the control knob to high temperature.  The igniter should light the flame.  Simple as that.  Just make sure that igniter is not blocked with the lava rock.


uniflame-gas-fire-pitUniFlame LP Gas Fire Pit Tabletop Column


Looking for a smaller unit that can be placed on a table, this one may be for you.    This 10,000 BTU fire pit is made from a faux stone in a black finish.  Black glass is included to cover the stainless steel burner.  Knob on the side to adjust flame.

At only 11 inches square and 15 inches tall it will fit in almost any location.  It weighs 19 pounds without propane tank.

No assembly required, add propane tank, add glass to top and light fire, just that easy.  Must use a long match or long lighter to light, no igniter included in this model.

Tank is attached through the bottom, no door on this model.  Black glass must be cool to change tank, as they must be removed to turn the unit over.  Tank last about 2 hours at high flame.

This unit does not produce heat on the bottom so it can sit on almost any surface.  This unit will not provide very much heat, it is more for conversation and looks.  It does add a feel to your outdoor space.

hex-propane-fire-pitHex LP Gas Fire Pit Bowl with Ceramic Tile Mantel


This units hexagon shape gives you about 14 inches of table top for six people to sit around with about 30,000 BTU of heat.  The ceramic tile top is sand in color with decorative tile on the outside edge.  Stainless steel burn bowl will hold the push button electric igniter and white glass for your fire.

A door on one of the six decorative side panels will give access to control panel and propane tank.  Propane tank sits on a slider shelf that will make changing tanks easier.

Unit is 55 inches wide at the points, 48 inches wide at the flat part. It is 22.5 inches tall from the ground.  Not very portable at 133 pounds.

Assembly will take about an hour.  Comes with a cover for the whole unit and the propane tank when not in use.  Some people used a 20 inch pizza pan for a burn pit cover, other suggested a 22 inch water heater pan to cover the pit.  No drain holes in the bottom of the pit from the factory.

Instructions state that you should keep 10 foot away from any combustible materials when using.


uniflame-gas-faux-stone-fire-pitUniFlame LP Gas Faux-Stacked Stone Fire Pit Table


This 30,000BTU unit will have a base made of square stacked stone with a mantel that is painted to look like stone.  A square fire bowl will hold Lava rocks (glass rocks can be substituted, not included) for adding heat to the flame.  A removable side is used to change the propane tank, push the igniter and adjust the flame.  Adjustable feet for leveling.

This unit is 36 inches square and 24.5 inches tall.  The base is 31 inches square.  The burn bowl is 16.5 inches square and 1 inch deep.  It will weigh about 85 pounds, not easy to move.

No assembly is required, just add a 20 pound propane tank that will last about 12 hours of burn at high speed.



We have looked at five different Propane Gas Fire Pits for Outdoor patio spaces.  If your exterior space needs a small table top fire pit or a larger fire pit that several people can sit around, one of these options may work for you.  Many people like the smell and fire of a word burning fire pit.  If you would like to see some wood burning pits look at my post here.

Hope you found this post interesting, any questions or comments use the form below.

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