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Outdoor Fireplace Chimineas


If you are going to enjoy your outdoor space in the cooler nights of fall, the Outdoor Fireplace Chimineas will work.  We are going to look at five examples of metal chimineas that will be very different, you can even cook on or some use as an oven.  All are made of either cast aluminum or recycled copper, they will not rust.

For those who have a smaller footprint for their fire pit, this will be a solution.  Have a guest that complains about the smoke getting in their eyes, the smoke will come out on the top of the smokestack and be above the eye level for most people.

Let us take a look at these examples and then you can give me some feedback.


Butterfly chiminea outdoor fireplace

Blue Rooster Butterfly Chimenea

Butterfly Chiminea Outdoor Fireplace


The body of this Chiminea is made from cast aluminum to prevent rust, the bottom grate and grill insert are made of cast iron.  To keep the sparks in, it will have a hinged door spark screen and spark arrestor in the neck area.  You can order in three colors, Antique Green, Charcoal and Gold Accent.

The neck can be removed so that you can grill your favorite food for your outdoor guest.  If you are like me and want to cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows, all you have to do is open the door and get your favorite grilling stick.

The Chiminea is 54 inches tall and 22 inches across.  Perfect size for a patio area close to the house.  It will weigh 50 pounds and will hold a regular size log (16 inches long) in the burn area.


Blue Rooster Garden Chimenea

Blue Rooster Garden Chimenea

Garden Outdoor Fireplace


This medium-sized chiminea will handle many chores for your outdoor comfort.  You can use it for heat, cook on it like a grill or use it as an oven for bread or pizza.  The body is made from cast aluminum with cast iron bottom grate and grill insert. The single hinged door has a spark screen to keep embers inside.   Has a decorative rain lid when in storage. The top half can be removed for grilling.  It has a door that will open on the bottom to help with removing ashes.

Can you imagine sitting around your chiminea and waiting for your oven-fired pizza to be done?  This and your favorite beverage will make your outdoor activity the talk at work on Mondays.

Your chiminea will be 44 inches tall and 22 inches across.  The weight is 68 pounds, a little on the heavy side to carry.


Blue Rooster Sun Stack Chimenea

Blue Rooster Sun Stack Chimenea

Sun Stack Outdoor Fireplace


This larger chiminea has a burning sun on the stack and sun rays coming out of the burn opening.  Made of cast aluminum alloy with cast iron bottom grate and grill insert. The top stack comes off to use it as a grill.  There is a rain cap to use on the top when not in use to prolong the life of your chiminea.

Has an extra-wide opening for fire viewing or open the door to roast marshmallows.  Has a hinged door with a fire screen and a fire arrestor in the neck area for fire safety.  The large door opening will allow the use of a regular size fire log.

This chiminea will be 54 inches tall and 22 inches across.  It is much larger at 80 pounds, may need two people to move to another area, not very portable.


Copper 3 in 1 Chimenea

Copper 3 in 1 Chimenea

Copper Three in One Outdoor Firepit


A little different in design, almost a fire pit, this chiminea has a deep bowl to hold several logs at one time.  Liftoff the top and you will find a chrome-plated cooking grate to either set your iron skillet on or cook your favorite meat.  The main body is made from 100 {96f33b858e93d952285e8b3613cda120f6f3c7bc4d8324032c36c2b960be5b97} recycled copper, the legs and support are made from wrought iron.

Has 360 degree viewing of the fire with a 15-inch tall screen.  The chiminea is 36 inches tall and 24 inches across.  At under 60 pounds, it is light enough to move around or take with you to tailgate at your favorite game, just don't load into the back of the truck until cool if you want to ride home.


Elite Chimenea Firepit

Elite Chimenea Firepit

Elite Outdoor Chiminea


The Elite Chiminea is made from cast iron with an antique bronze powder-coated finish, that will last a long time and will be fade, chip and crack resistant.  The fire screen and door will allow 360 degrees of fire viewing.

Some assembly will be required, as this is not one piece.  Use the supplied Stainless steel or brass hardware.  When assembled it is 34 1/2 inches tall and 15 inches across.  At 30 pounds it is very portable.



   Gas Conversion Kits


Many of these chimineas can be converted to propane or natural gas use, just install a Gas Conversion Kit. If you do not plan on moving your chiminea and have access to a gas supply, this can give you smoke and ash free fire.  Without having to haul wood or clean out ashes at the end of your fire, this will make cleanup a snap.

It has easy to follow instructions for installation, with pictures to guide you.

Chiminea cover

Chiminea cover

Chiminea Covers


If your chiminea has to stored outside, a cover will help prolong the life of your fire pit.  Available in many sizes to just fit your chiminea. Made from heavy reinforced vinyl material that is waterproof and weather resistant.  Drawstring and toggle closure will make for a secure fit.



DeckProtect for fire pit   Deck Protector for wood or composite surfaces


I have reviewed the DeckProtect system in another post.  Read about it here.  It will protect if you are using your chiminea outdoor fireplace on a deck made of wood or composite material.

If you want to protect any other area from the heat and debris of your fire pit, a regular fire pit pad will work.


Use this link for more information on your Outdoor Fireplace Chiminea



When looking for Outdoor Fireplace Chimineas for your outdoor space, several options are available.  When you find the size and shape that you desire, your choice will be easy.  Make sure that after you have set up your fire pit that you have a good place to store your wood.  If you choose to have a gas conversion, you will not need any other storage or cleanup.

If you have any questions or comments please use the form below and I will get back to you shortly.

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