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Where will be the best location for your Area


Will you be using a space that you have now or building a space for your retreat? This will define what your area will look like. When using your present space you will have to choose what will fit and the features that will work in your situation.
When you are designing a new space sometimes you can first think of features and what furniture that you will want to have.
What will be the purpose of your space? Will it be for reading, stopping for a rest, just relaxing or just to get away from your inside world for a time?

What Styles will you use for your Outside sitting area


Wooden Swing

Wooden Swing with stand

Choosing your style will have to do with the amount of area that you have to cover. Small areas will only have room for a bench or swing.
Medium areas will have room for chairs, table and some small features.
Larger areas will have room for a sofa, tables, water feature or other specialty items.

What Materials are available for your Outside Sitting Area


Table and chairs

Swivel Rocking chairs with small table

Some of the decorative benches come in concrete or slabs of rock. These will last and be very stable but are not comfortable for extended sitting. They will be difficult to move.
Wood is a very common material for chairs and sofas. You can have cedar, redwood, wicker, teak or treated. All of these will hold up for an extended amount of time with the proper upkeep. Insects will not bother these types of wood.
Metal furniture will hold up well but will have to be painted often to keep from rusting unless powder coated from the factory.
Plastic will be the cheapest and last the shortest period of time. The sun and weather will take it toll on this type quickly. Painting will help, but the plastic will become brittle over time.

Features of your Outside sitting area


kids and water fountain

Kids playing in outdoor water fountain

Color is one of the easiest things to set off your sitting area. Cushions are one way to change the look and color of an chair or sofa. A simple change here will make a big difference.
Another way to change color is to stain or paint your table, chair or sofa.
The addition of a sound feature will set he mood for your area. There are many ways to add a sound feature.
The addition of speakers can be done with remote speakers that resemble rocks or can be hidden under or behind items.
Water features come in all shapes and sizes. You can make a table top fountain or have a fish pond installed. This sound will add some serenity to your space.
Lighting will be another way to add some mood to your space. You can have solar or house electric to power your lighting. Path lights and accent lighting work well in these areas.
Another form of accent is a fire pit. You can use it for heat, lighting or hot dogs on a stick. It can come in many styles and sizes.