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Resin Wicker Conversation Patio Set


If you have a larger outdoor space and are looking for a seating solution for five people, look at the Hanover Gramercy resin wicker conversation patio set. This set will not break the bank, give you well cushioned seating for five and a great modern look with the oval table.

Setting this set apart from the normal square designs is the curved arms, oval table and arched top cushions. This set will include two sofa chairs, a three seat sofa and a tempered glass top oval coffee table.

This set will look great around the pool or on a larger patio area, I would say that you would need at least a 10-foot square space to make this patio seating set not feel crowded.

Now lets look at some details and see if the Gramercy patio seating set will fit and work for your outdoor furniture needs.


Gramercy resin wicker patio seating set




Price when article was written: $1146.39

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What do you get in the box


Gramercy resin wicker chairYou will get a steel frame with powder coating that is wrapped with a woven resin wicker finish. The tops of the arms have an outward curve to give a rich design. Seating for five will be on 4 inch thick cushions, for long term seating comfort. Table will have curved legs and tempered glass top in an oval design.

Chairs will have straight legs and no movement. Comfort comes from the cushions and included pillows. Each chair will be 32 inches wide, 35 inches deep and 32 inches tall. With a cushion that will be 23 by 22 inches for your bottom. Capacity for each chair will be 250 pounds of butt.

Sofa will have seating for three, same arm and cushion design as the chairs. It will be 80 inches wide with a seating width of 69 inches. The three cushions will support 450 pounds of friends and family.

Cushions will be a tan color that are covered in an Olefin material. This material is good for normal outdoor conditions. Cushions will come in three fabric colors blue, red and tan. Four matching throw pillows will be included in this set.

If you live in an extreme weather or sun environment, you may choose to store these cushions when not in use. If you live in a regular environment, storing these cushions when not in use will prolong their outdoor life. See some storage solutions here.

Table will have four curved legs and an x shaped lower leg support. The top will be an oval tempered smoked glass insert. IT will be 45.75 inches long, 22.5 inches wide and 18 inches tall. About the same size as most coffee tables in outdoor patio furniture. The oval design will set this table apart from others.

Gramercy barrel side tableIf you want extra table space, this set is available with a barrel shaped side table with a tempered glass top. Side table will have a woven wicker outside in the shape of a whiskey barrel and an 18-inch tempered glass insert in the top over a woven wicker surface. It will be 24 inches across and 26 inches tall.

The Gramercy resin wicker conversation patio set will work great for those who are looking for a modern design with a resin wicker finish. It will work best in larger areas by the pool or large patio.

If you would like to add a lounger to this set, one is available to match this design. Lounge will be 69 inches long, 38.5 inches wide and 24 inches tall when reclined.


Assembly of your patio furniture


Gramercy resin wicker LoungerHaving an extra set of hands will be helpful when assembling this set as the sofa is a large piece. all tools will be included in the hardware pack. some customers had some trouble with hole alignment during assembly, I have noticed this on some of my furniture also. Some gentle adjusting may be needed to make sure all holes align when assembling this set.

Seating pieces will only need the base attached to the arm-back assembly. Make sure the assemblies are sitting on the feet for final tightening so that the best level seating will be attained.


Care of your patio furniture


Most patio furniture sets will only need a mild soap and water mixture for cleaning, this set is no exception. Any chemicals, even a glass cleaner may be too harsh for the powder coated finishes. The finish will peel and fade if the surfaces get damaged.

Cushions are made of Olefin fabric covers, they do not have zippers to take off to clean. Take care when cleaning to not damage the painted surfaces or the color of the fabric.

Storage for the cushions will be a plus when they are not in use. This will prolong their outdoor life.


Gramercy coffee tablePros

  • Great modern design for a reasonable price
  • Thick cushions for comfortable seating
  • Seating for five


  • Some customers had alignment problems during assembly
  • Cushions will need a storage solution when not in use
  • Will need a larger outdoor space for comfort



Use this link to find the current availability and price for the Gramercy collection

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Who needs this patio furniture


Those with large outdoor spaces and looking for a modern design will enjoy the Hanover Gramercy resin wicker conversation patio set. with seating for five and the option to add a barrel side table or matching lounger, this set will be great by the pool. With a price that will not break the bank compared to other sets of this style, I would recommend this set.

The big drawback is the assembly and the storage for the cushions, both of these can be overcome easily if you like the style. For more options and styles in the Hanover collection see my post here. I have written several post on just resin wicker conversation sets for your patio are here.

If you still need more information or just have a question, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.