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Backyard Water Feature Ideas


When building your outdoor space, these five Backyard Water Feature Ideas may be just what you need. They are several different types and sizes. We will look at five in this article and let you decide what will work for you.

Power sources will go from solar-powered, batteries to regular 110-volt house current.  The solar power will be great for those that are putting their fountain far from a regular house current, most of the time it will only run when it has power from the sun.  No rechargeable batteries on most fountains.

Depending on if you using your fountain on a tabletop, in the garden, or just by a seating place that you want a little soothing sound, you may want to have a size that you can move or just mount permanently.

Now let us look at some choices and see if one works for you.

backyard water feature ideas-Three layer water feature

Three Pillars Table fountain

Three Pillars Table Fountain

This small tabletop fountain is made for the inside. You can use it outside if it is out of the weather. It will make for a great centerpiece for any table. You can run the power cord through the hole for the umbrella.

The relaxing sound that you will get from the cascading water down the three different size pillars into the river rocks in the base bowl will be enjoyed by you and your guest. Four-foot pads will keep from harming any surface that it sits on.

For more tiered table fountains, look at my information here.


The base and pillars are made from polyresin material. The base and pillar will come apart for cleaning and access to the pump and light. It is randomly painted black and brown, each fountain will be a little different.
The pump is designed to be quiet in operation and is submersible.
River rocks will line the lower bowl area.
A LED light will shine on the river rocks for a multicolored reflection.


Your fountain will be 7.5 inches tall and 9 inches square.



backyard water feature ideas-Solar Frog Fountain

Solar Frog Fountain

Ceramic Solar Frog Fountain

With a solar-powered pump this fountain can be installed anywhere there is sunshine. The solar panel has a ten-foot cord to allow the fountain to sit in the shade while the panel collects the suns rays.

The pump will run when it gets power from the solar panel, there is no backup battery so when the sun does not provide power the pump does not run.  Water will come out frogs mouth back into the bowl for recycle.

The deep bowl will not require constant refilling from evaporation. Just add water and sunshine your fountain is ready. There will be no cost to operate just an occasional cleaning of the bowl and lines.


For more solar-powered water features see my post here.


Ceramic bowl and frog.  Solar panel and submersible pump.


Approximately 13.5 inches around and 7 inches high.



backyard water feature ideas-Marsala Wall Fountain

Marsala Wall Fountain

Marsala Wall Fountain

This  fountain is made for mounting on a wall outside.  The water will cascade down the front into a bowl.  Three slots on the top bowl let the waterfall down to the big bowl for recycle.

Will plug into a regular ground fault 110 outlets with the 5-foot cord.

It can be purchased in four different colors French Limestone, Weathered Iron, Florentine Stone and Lead.


Made of poly stone material.  This is a polyurethane resin mixed with crushed stone.  This will give it the feel of stone without the weight of concrete.


This fountain will be 25.5 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 10.5 inches deep.

It will weigh 10 pounds without water.



backyard water feature ideas-Andra Fountain

Andra Fountain

Andra Fountain

This all-weather fountain will pump the water up with a super quiet electric motor.  No external hoses or plumbing will be needed.  Plugs into any 110-volt ground fault circuit.

There is a leaf design in the base of the bowl that gives this fountain its character.  The bowl will also serve as a birdbath when not running.


Made of a cast stone concrete this fountain will last in all weather.

Has an electric pump motor that has a whisper-quiet operation.


This fountain is 20.25 inches tall and 19.5 inches square at the edge of the bowl.



backyard water feature ideas-Pineapple Tiered Fountain

Pineapple Tiered Fountain

Pineapple  Tier Fountain

This three-tiered fountain will enhance your outdoor space with the sound of the water and its Pineapple design.


The fountain is made of a polyurethane resin mixed with crushed stone.  It feels like the stone has the durability of a poly resin material.  Poly stone as it is called is very durable in all weather conditions and weighs about 20{96f33b858e93d952285e8b3613cda120f6f3c7bc4d8324032c36c2b960be5b97} of what a concrete fountain of this size would weigh.


It is 54.8 inches tall and 32.8 inches around at the biggest point.

It weighs 69 pounds without water




The big accessories available for your fountain will be for cleaning, storing, and water clarification.

Cleaning-Protec fountain care will get rid of the scale and stains that are caused by water over time.

Storing-Covers for fountains too big to bring inside during the winter months.

Water clarification-Foun Tec is for algae control and mosquitoes.  It is not safe for fish.


Use this guide to decide what backyard water feature ideas will work for you.  These fountains are very different in style, size, and how they work.  Look for more articles of this type on my blog if you do not see what you are looking for here.

As always if you have any questions or comments please use the form below.