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Outdoor Pub Table Sets


When planning your outdoor room, look for outdoor pub table sets to make your outdoor room look inviting.  We will be looking at the different designs and styles in this blog.


Height and size


Pub tables will come in two major heights.  Bar height and Counter height.  You will have to determine the correct height for your table by looking at your space and decor.  Tables will come in many top designs also.  You can have a round, square, oval or multi-sided table. Each one will come in a size to fit you outdoor decor.

The bar height will be 41-43 inches tall.  This will require a 30 inch tall chair for your guest to sit on. You must match the chair height to the table to make sure that your guest are comfortable.

The counter height will be 35-39 inches tall.  This will require a chair that is about 26 inches tall. This lower table will be handy if you have older guest that cannot climb up on a higher chair.

Chairs for either style can come in a static or swivel base. This will allow you to choose the type of chair based on the space you have.  A swivel chair will not have to be moved out as far to get out from under the table as a static chair.

What materials will work for you


Wooden pub table sets can be made of Wicker, Teak, Cedar or Redwood. These will repel insects and be weather proof with the proper annual preventive care.

Metal pub table sets can be made of Aluminum, Cast Iron or a powder coated material.

Resin pub table sets are made to look like Wicker and will outlast most materials with little or no maintenance.  This looks like wicker and can be powder coated in many colors to match a decor.  Having a Aluminum frame makes it very sturdy.



Shade for your pub table can be made from different styles of umbrellas. The regular post type that goes into the hole in the middle of the table will be the most popular.  You can get many styles and sizes of the post umbrella.

The Offset umbrella will work if you have the space.  It has its own stand and will off a great amount of shade and protection for your recreation.

If you do not have a storage area for your outdoor furniture during the time it is not used, a poly cover will be a great extra to protect your investment.



You have many choices when making a outside pub area.  You do not need to build a big bar or have a large space for your entertainment. Looking at the outdoor pub table sets will be what sets you apart from your other friends.

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