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We will look at the Maxsa 40218 solar outdoor security light review in this blog.  We will see how easy it is to install and use.  We will look at the product, installation and adjustment of this unit.

Whats in the box

You will find the following in the box when opened-Photo Cell, a 9 foot cord to connect the photo cell to the light fixture, 3 AA 2100 mah rechargeable batteries and your light fixture with motion sensor attached.  Instructions on assembly, mounting and adjusting will also be in the box.

Mounting hardware may have to be purchased for your installation.

Extra cords for the unit can be purchase to move the photo cell up to 35 feet from the fixture.  This can be good in locations with a lot of trees or other objects in the local area to make charging the photo cell difficult.

Installing your solar light choosing the correct location

The fixture is very adjustable, the two lights can be pointed in different directions.  If mounted in a corner, you can light two different areas with the same fixture.  It does not put out the light of a regular spotlight, but puts out a soft glow that does not attract bugs.

Choosing the correct location can be one of the most difficult parts of the installation.  The biggest problem with this light is that the fixture is not water proof.  The fixture portion must be installed where it will not get direct rainfall.  Under the soffit will be the best location.

Solar Panel and WireThe photo cell has a 9 foot cord so it can be installed away from the fixture to collect the sunlight.  Hardware for mounting the fixture and photo cell will be determined by the material it is mounted to.  The photo cell is adjustable to make sure you collect the most sun during the daylight hours.

Adjusting your solar light to light when needed

Three things can be adjusted on your security light to make it more user  friendly.

Sensitivity is adjustable to how big of a object that it detects.  If you do not want the light to turn on when small animals move in front of it, this feature will cut down on unneeded use of lights.

How long do you want lights to stay on.  This will be useful if you spend some time getting from the car to the door at night.  It can be set from 10 seconds to 4 minutes.

A day-night sensor will keep the light form coming on during the daylight hours.  This will give more battery life to the night when needed.


Takes regular AA rechargeable batteries, not special batteries.  The batteries should last up to 3 years with normal service.

Easy to adjust day to night, how long light is on and how sensitive the motion sensor is.

Can light the inside of a small shed or storage space.  Photo cell can be mounted outside.



Need to charge three days before first use.  This will allow better battery life.

Fixture with motion sensor cannot take direct rainfall.  Motion activation will fail and light will not come on.  Fixture must be mounted in a protective area.

Light is not as bright as regular spot light.  Do not expect to light a large area.

If motion sensor is not adjusted correctly, batteries will not receive a full charge during daylight hours.  Must be set to only come on after sunset.

Where to get your Maxsa Solar Security Light

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MAXSA Motion-Activated Dual-Head LED Security Floodlight