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Fire Pits for Wood Deck


When the cooler weather gets here in the fall, many will look at Fire Pits for Wood Deck for a solution.  Having a wooden or composite deck surface should not keep you from sitting around a fire pit to keep warm.

The gas fire pits in this article will not produce the heat on the bottom like a wood burner.  The difference will make the gas burners the best choice for you.  I will show you seven examples that will look great and keep you toasty warm at the same time.

Now let us look at these seven examples and see what style would work best for your outdoor decor.



Coral Coast Middleton fire pit for wood deckCoral Coast Middleton Gas Fire Pit Table

Square top style with a porcelain tile surround and steel insert for the burn bowl to make a table when no fire is needed.  Side controls will allow lighting and flame adjustment without opening a door.  The 20-pound propane tank will fit behind a door and not be seen unless you need to exchange it.

At 30 inches across and 24 inches tall it will fit nicely as a side table also.  The burn bowl will be 14 inches across and 2 inches deep, filled with lava rocks to keep the heat in.  The total weight of this fire pit without a propane tank is 62 pounds.


  • Has cover for  burn bowl when a fire is not needed
  • Poly cover included for storage


  • Lava rocks not as pretty as glass rocks
  • Tiles could be hard to replace if broken
  • Controls on the outside

Colebrook fire pit for wood deckBetter Homes & Gardens Colebrook 37-Inch Gas Fire Pit

Roundtop fire pit with a metal top and cover for the burn bowl.  It will have a wicker type look for the bottom panels with a door that will have the controls and a 20-pound propane tank behind it.  A handle hole in the door will allow easy access.

The top will be 37 inches across and 24.5 inches tall.  The fire bowl is 21 inches across and will have clear glass rocks for burn bowl fill.

This fire pit will match the Colebrook collection of patio furniture, see my Colebrook patio furniture review here.


  • Matches Colebrook collection of patio furniture
  • Fire controls behind the door
  • Wicker looking finish will give a rich look


  • The tank does not slide out


Carter Hills fire pit for wood deckBetter Homes and Gardens Carter Hills 57″ Gas Fire Pit

If you have a bigger area, the Carter Hills gas fire pit may fill that empty space.  With a burn bowl that is about 40 inches long, you will be able to warm a larger crowd with this fire pit.

The slatted steel top and sides will give a finished look that will be a match for some house sidings.  The top will be 57 inches long, 21.5 inches wide and 24 inches tall.

Clear glass rocks will fill the burn bowl that will have a burner that runs most of the opening for a long flame output.  Flame controls are on the front and the 20-pound propane tank sits on a shelf that slides out for easy exchange when needed.

This is a great gas fire pit for those with a lot of space.


  • Fits larger areas well
  • Poly cover when not in use
  • Adjustable feet for uneven surfaces


  • Controls on the outside
  • No solid cover for burn bowl to convert to a table
  • Not good for small spaces


Uniflame fire pit for wood deckUniFlame LP Gas Fire Pit Tabletop Column


For those smaller spaces or just have no floor space for a fire pit.  This fire pit will only use a 1-pound propane tank that is mounted through the bottom of the fire pit.

At only 11 inches across and 15 inches tall it will fit in most smaller spaces.  Black glass fire rocks will fill the burn bowl.  The weight will be about 1 pound without the propane tank.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Black glass rocks included
  • Lightweight easy to move


  • Tank goes in through the bottom, have to hold in one hand, tank in other hand
  • May not put out enough heat for some larger areas
  • No electronic lighter


For more information on gas fire pits from Walmart, use this link



Peaktop fire pit for wood deckPeaktop Square Propane Gas Fire Pit

The square design will look like it is made from concrete.  Frame construction is wood-based with a Faux Stone finish.  It looks like it could weigh 200 pounds, it will come in at around 70 pounds.

The 20-pound propane tank has a 10 foot supply hose that will allow for a remote location box to hide it.  The tank or box is not included in this product.

At 35 inches across and 11.4 inches tall, it will have a very low profile to allow people to huddle around to feel the heat.  A burn bowl will be 15.5 inches across and be filled with lava rocks.

The control panel is on a side under the top.  No cover is included for the burn bowl.


  • Low profile
  • Great smooth finish
  • Can be converted to natural gas with a conversion kit


  • Control panel on the side panel
  • The propane tank sits out
  • Needs a box to hide the propane tank

Vesuvius Brick Square fire pit for wood deckVesuvius Brick Square Gas Fire Pit


If you are matching a stone finish on your home, this gas fire pit will work well with your decor.  The stone lower box is topped with a wood exterior to the burn bowl.

The top is 30 inches across and 24 inches tall.  Controls are on a side panel with an igniter included.  Square burn bowl will have lava rocks included.  Heavy at 94 pounds without a 20-pound propane tank.

A cover on one side can be removed to gain access to exchange propane tank.


  • The stone finish will match brick or stone exterior finishes
  • Great looking wood finish on top surround
  • Side panel for tank exchange



  • Controls on a side panel
  • Heavy not easy to move
  • Lava rocks for burn bowl


Mondavi fire pit for wood deckMondavi 36″ Fire Pit

For the stone look in a round gas fire pit, the Mondavi model will work well.  Made from the Envirostone material it will last very well in outdoor conditions.  A remote 20-pound propane tank will be connected via the 10-foot hose.

The fire pit will be 36 inches across and 12 inches tall.  it will weigh about 82 pounds, not a lightweight model.  The round burn bowl will have lava rocks to enhance the heat.

This fire pit will have very clean lines, with the control panel on one side.  The remote tank can be placed behind your furniture so that it cannot be seen by your guest.


  • The clean design of Envirostone
  • Remote tank for easy tank exchange
  • Can be converted to Natural gas with a conversion kit


  • Controls on the outside
  • No burn bowl cover
  • Heavy hard to move to another location


For more information on gas fire pits from Walmart, use this link


My final thoughts on these fire pits

I prefer to have a gas fire pit on my composite deck, it allows me to sit outside while it is cooler without having to go out to the middle of the yard to start a wood-burning fire.  The style and size of the fire pit will depend on your space.  My deck is 12 feet by 18 feet, it is big enough for any of these in this article.  For my use, I would prefer a smaller unit that can be stored away during the summer months, as I already have several tables out there.

The Middleton model would be my choice, with its clean lines and ease of moving when not needed.  What would your choice be?

Any questions or comments, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.