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Patio Swing daybed with Gazebo


Looking for a combination seating solution for by the pool or in any other big patio area, a Patio Swing daybed with Gazebo will be a great addition.  I will look at the details of the Better Homes and Gardens Sullivan Pointe Patio Swing daybed with Gazebo in this article.

This swing will convert into a bed with little work and have a four leg gazebo for a cover.  This will give you several things in one purchase.  You will need a level space that is at least 8 foot square.  Use this gazebo by the pool or any where where you need extra seating.

Now lets look at the details of this gazebo and swing to see if it will work for you.

Price when article was written: $309.98

Sullivan Pointe swing Red in sit up position

What do you get in the box



Get one of your big friends to help with the box, it will weigh 142 pounds and be 82 inches long, 24 inches wide and 17 inches tall.  If I was purchasing this unit, I would have it shipped to my house and not pick up at a store, this will leave less of a problem getting it home.  Free freight shipping is included with the price, take advantage of it.

When you get your swing assembled you will have a big rectangular steel frame that will have a dark brown powder coated finish for weather protection.  Four big legs will support your frame.  Each leg will have a foot so that you can mount your gazebo to a solid surface, the manufacturer does not recommend solid mounting of the legs as they state this could cause wind damage to the upper canopy area.

All fabric items are available in two colors at this time, Red and Green.  A full removable canopy will cover the top for protection from the sun and light rain.  A swing seat that can be converted into a be is supported from arms attached to the seat base and top bar of the gazebo.  No springs are included in the hanging hardware to soften the seat while sitting.

The seat frame includes a bar on each side of the frame to connect to the base to hold the seat in the upright position.  Just release the lock on each side and the seat back will go down to the bed position.  Only two positions available up or down.

Canopy top and seat cushions are covered in a polyester material.  This material will be damaged in extreme winds or weather conditions.  The canopy can be removed when not needed or you have heavy winds.   Canopy is not adjustable to chase shade during the day.

Cushion should be stored out of any moist or extreme weather conditions to last for several seasons.  Cushions are secured to the seat frame with straps that tie.  Cushions are supported by a sling material both on the seat and back.

Base of the gazebo is 90 inches wide, 50.5 inches deep and 81.5 inches at the top of the canopy.  Seat is 66 inches wide and 18.5 inches off the ground with the cushion in place.  Seat cushion is 21 inches deep, while back cushion is 20 inches deep.  This swing can support up to 600 pounds of weight, that is three average adults or two very large adults.  Me being a tall person, it would be hard to use as a bed unless I pulled my legs up while laying down.



Sullivan Pointe foot mounting plate

Assembly of your swing and gazebo


This gazebo and swing will require at least two adults to put together about two hours if they are good at assembly.  The box is very heavy,142 pounds, you may need to carry the pieces to the assembly area as needed.  All tools needed are included in the hardware pack, you get an Allen Wrench, open end wrench and box end wrench.

Many little parts are used during assembly, try to lay each item out to determine when it will be needed to make it go faster.  I will not go into a lot of details on this assembly, as this would take up an entire article.

You will assemble the frame and attach the canopy.  The seat frame will connect to the seat bottom.  A forked hanger will support the seat from the bar on the frame.  This is the simple steps.

Each of the legs on the frame will have a loose base that can be lifted to expose the base plate.  You can mount this plate to any solid surface to make sure the frame does not move.  It is not recommended because the canopy can catch heavy winds and destroy the frame if it is tied down.  Only mount if you are going to keep the canopy off when not in use (this is my recommendation).

Sullivan Pointe swing and gazebo back view

Care of your canopy and gazebo swing


A mild soap and water mixture is all that should be used on the painted surfaces, harsh chemicals will damage the paint.  Fabric material can be cleaned with a damp rag in most cases.  Storage is recommended for all fabric items when not in use.

If your canopy gets damaged, you can purchase replacement canopy by calling the customer service department at 1-800-457-4652.  Replacement cushions are not available at this time.


  • Can be mounted on a solid surface, not recommended by manufacturer
  • Provides shade and light rain protection
  • Can use for both swing and daybed
  • Easy to convert to daybed


  • Must store fabric items to make them last several seasons
  • Will take two people at least two hours to assemble
  • Very difficult to move once put together, will take at least four people
  • Cannot change the angle of the canopy to chase the sun or shade

For more information, current pricing and shipping details, follow the link below

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Sullivan Pointe gazebo and swing side view

Final thoughts on this swing daybed combo with gazebo


For a dual purpose swing and shade for most of the day, this Sullivan Pointe Patio Swing daybed combo with Gazebo will work well.  It will only take seconds to convert to a bed from a bench.  You can put up to 600 pounds on it and swing in either position.  It comes in two bright colors to match a lot of outdoor decors, put by the pool and dry off by laying in your swing.

You will need a big flat area to put your swing, it will not be easy to move.  You will get years of use out of this set if you take care of the fabric materials by storing them out of the outdoor environment conditions.   Extreme wind can damage the canopy if you do not remove it before a storm arrives.

I hope you found my information helpful, if you have any questions or comments about this article, leave me a not on the forms below, I will get back to you shortly.