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Patio umbrella with solar lights


When using your outdoor space after dark, you can still use the umbrella that you used for shade during the day. The patio umbrella with solar lights will give you illumination of your table area for several hours after dark.

A simple solar panel on the top will gather the suns rays it is protecting you from during the day to turn the energy into power by charging the rechargeable battery. This will allow you to use your outdoor space without the time of taking down the umbrella and putting up lights.

All the umbrellas in this article can be purchased for under $100, you will still need a table and umbrella stand to stabilize your umbrella. The price of these umbrellas is cheaper than purchasing an umbrella and lights then installing the lights.  The 9 foot and larger umbrella's will have four lights per rib, 8 foot and under only three lights per rib.

Now lets look at what sizes are available and what different shade styles there are.

To choose your color and get an patio umbrella with solar lights, click the following link

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Trademark 9 foot umbrella with solar lightsTrademark 9 foot Umbrella


Under $90

Available in three colors Navy Blue, Green and Red, this 9 foot umbrella is a nice medium-sized for smaller dining tables.  The 180G polyester canvas for the canopy with aluminum ribs and black powder coated steel poles that will be very durable. Has a crank and tilt for changing the angle of your umbrella during the day.

Shade must be up when you need the lights as the four LED lights per the eight ribs will not be seen if the shade is down. A switch is on the solar panel to turn the light off when not needed for a while, the battery will remain charged daily.


Better Homes and Gardens 10 foot umbrella with solar lights red burgandyBetter Homes and Gardens 10 foot Umbrella


Under $100

The largest umbrella in this group at 10 foot, the steel pole will make it very sturdy. Available in two colors at this writing, they are red burgundy and light blue.

With 32 LED lights, four on each of the eight ribs you will have plenty of light for your nighttime entertainment.


Trademark rectangle umbrella with solar lightsTrademark 9 foot Rectangle Umbrella


Under $90

Want something with a little different look, have a narrow area that needs shade, this rectangle umbrella will work. The 180G polyester canopy is 10 feet long and 6.5 feet wide when opened. Six ribs will support the canopy, four in the corners and two in the middle on the long sides.

Each rib will have four LED lights for illumination, like others the solar panel on the top of the pole will charge the batteries.

A crank and tilt operation will give you the ability to change the canopy when needed. The black powder coated pole will support your shade and light.


Trademark 8 foot umbrella with solar lightsTrademark 8 foot Umbrella


Under $70

You need a smaller umbrella, this 8 foot model will help. With eight aluminum ribs with three LED lights each will give you a total of 24 lights for illumination. The canopy is available in blue, red and light green colors.

A steel pole with black powder coating will have a crank and tilt function. A square solar panel on the top will power the batteries for light after dark.


Trademark 7 foot umbrella with solar lightsTrademark 7 foot Umbrella


Under $80

Smallest of the patio umbrella with solar lights  in this article, this will be the best for smaller spaces. The canopy will come in four colors to match your decor, Blue, Green, Red or Tan.

All steel frame construction, with a black powder coated finish. Each of the eight ribs will have 3 LED lights for 24 total lights.

Pole will have a tilt and crank option for changing the canopy. Solar panel is located on the top of the canopy to charge the battery for up to 12 hours of illumination after dark.

Trademark solar panel for umbrellasPros

  • Do not need external lighting
  • No wires for lighting
  • Can be used anywhere a regular patio umbrella can be used


  • Extra weight on top may break tilt switch in moderate winds
  • Have to remove umbrella from stand and table to change battery
  • Will need a table and stand for proper support


To choose your color and get an patio umbrella with solar lights, click the following link

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Need lights after dark in your outdoor area, look at a patio umbrella with solar lights for ​a solution to this problem.  You already need to have an umbrella for shade during the day, for not much more cost, this will be a very duable solution.

Depending on your sizing needs, one of these umbrellas could be a solution for you.  All have about the same amout of light, you just need to choose what works best for you.  If you just need a regular umbrella, use this link for my details.

Thanks for reading my details in this article, any questions or comments please use the form below and I will return with an answer.