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Two Person Garden Swing


Someone left a comment on an article about “2 person sling swing“, they wanted a Two Person Garden Swing that the two swings operated independently.   I found the Gymax garden swing does just that.  If you want to swing and your partner wants to just sit and read, you can do just that with this swing.

The swing will offer some of the same functions as most others, just each person will swing on their own like a kids swing set.

Now lets look at the details of this swing and see if its special features are what you are looking for.


Price when article was written: $139.99 with free shipping


Gymax 2 person sling swingWhat do you get in the box


The two swing seats will hang from a steel powder coated frame just like most patio swings.  The big difference is the fact that each seat will attach separately.  Each seat will have its own canopy.

Seats will have a frame that the sling fabric material will cover for seats and backs.  Each seat will have arms for additional support and comfort.  Fabric covers are held in place with Velcro for easy removal or replacement.

Swing will have a 48 inch by 72 inch footprint.  The swing will be 68 inches tall.  Each seat will be 20.6 inches wide and 20 inches from the ground.  Weight capacity of each seat is 300 pounds.

An upper frame will hold a canopy, it can be removed if needed or if strong storms are in the forecast.  The swing can be used without the canopy.  Each swing will hang from the upper frame with a spring on each side to add to the comfort level.

The frame is a little stouter than a regular patio swing frame with a arched lower platform for the legs to attach to the top rail.  Canopy attaches to each chair hanging frame, it can be removed with out changing the function of the swing.

Canopy is made from an Oxford cloth fabric material.  The seat fabric is made from a polyester sling fabric.  Both are good for outdoor use, they should be stored when not in use for any length of time to prolong their out door life.

This swing will be great for those looking for a patio swing that each chair will operate at the will of the person sitting in it.

Gymax swing fabric attachment

Assembly and care of your patio swing


Assembly will take about an hour with two people.  All tools needed for assembly are included in the hardware pack.  Assembled swing will be 75 pounds, you may want to assemble in the location it will be used in.

Care of your patio swing will be a simple mild soap and water mixture.  Do not use any harsh chemicals as this will damage the painted surfaces, they will start to discolor and peel if yo use chemicals to clean this swing.


  • Each swing operates independently
  • Easy to remove the canopy, a few screws on each seat


  • Canopy should be stored when not in use
  • Canopy cannot be adjusted
  • Hard to hold hands with this setup


For more information on this garden swing or current pricing, use the following link

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Gymax swing hanging springWhy do I like this garden swing


When looking for that special piece of furniture for your outdoor seating, the Gymax Two Person Garden Swing with independent seating will work well for some.  A simple question from a reader lead me to research for this item, I like the separate swings.

If yo want to sit and hold hands or sit close to your partner when swinging, one the other articles on patio swings that I have written may be what you are looking for.  For more information on my other articles on garden swings, follow this link.

If you would like to see information on an item for your outdoor space or just have a question for me, use the forms below and I will get back to you shortly.